“Art is Freedom”

I’m Mark, 23 years old, self taught artist from Hungary. I always liked art. I think it came from my father who was a painter and a graphic drawer. But my love will always be music. I have been drawing since I was 5-6, I guess that’s when my addiction to perfection started. But I stopped drawing age 13, when I couldn’t make it to the artist high school. When I turned 18, I picked up drawing once again, not doing so well at first, but a little time later I became better and better. Now I’ve improved so fast that you even can’t compare two drawings of mine! I don’t know if there is a chance I would stop drawing but I want to be a musician and someday I will be.


Why are creative subjects, like art, are not encouraged as much as other subjects in schools?

Because I think the arts (all type of art) is one of the hardest “jobs” where you can be successful. It’s risky… There are lot of artist who are try to reach only the edge of success for a lifetime and nothing happens.. Everyone knows that, and the average person doesn’t want to take risks so they stick to the predictable and the concrete situations and choices. That’s why they push other subjects which are more numerical, calculable clear. Because they want to prepare these people to a monotone job and life… Always follow the rules, get a job paying bills, support your local football team and go to sleep… Art is freedom. And the art is the only inexplicable heritage of the land, which is the true value of the soul, and what remains forever. That’s why I choose this way and I hope a lot of people can experience this beautiful and soulful side of life.


What inspires you?

I don’t know… Maybe nothing. I just want to push my limits as far as I can and be better in everything than i was yesterday.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 18.11.23
Drawing by Mark, composed of small dots which together make up the picture of the iconic Michael Jordan.

When you look at and appreciate art, it can produce emotions related to the art piece. As an artist can you choose what emotions you want the viewers to have, or is it always down to the individual person and what thoughts it provokes for them?

My goals are simple right now. I just want to draw with as much realism, detail and sophistication as I can, to bring a portrait to life. If you look at my drawings you feel like they are looking back at you. That’s what I like to achieve with my art right now. Maybe later when I start to paint I will change the style to more a colourful, vibrant storytelling one.

At what point do you know an art piece is finished?

There isn’t a point for me. I always can add some details to every drawings of mine. I simply just stop when I think it’s good enough or when I get bored from it.

Many people lose their creativity as they get older, how do you maintain the artistic mindset?

I think that the artists who grows old, do not lose their creativity just simply get tired, because of a lifetime devoted to this. I guess it’s about less inspiration or motivation. But when I reach age 70 I will send you a message to let you know!

-Mark, Age 23 (Hungary)

Have a look at some of Mark’s other work at his Instagram page! @KOVACSMARKO93

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