“Education isn’t the leading factor to a rich, successful and happy life.”

My Story…

My name is Sarah De Jesus, 36. I am the Founder of @DreamersJoy and the person behind the inspirational page @JoyfulUniverse – I currently reside in Northern, New Jersey.

Growing up I always dreamed about being successful and making my family proud. I loved the arts in general, but I found myself feeling unsure as to what career path to take. After graduating from high school I decided to pursue a degree in Fashion Design. Once I had completed that degree I still didn’t feel accomplished, I actually felt fearful and doubted that I had what it took to land my “dream job.”

As I look back now, I realised that I didn’t believe I had enough education to help me succeed in the real world, thus using that as an excuse to go back to school for more studying and more degrees. Like many people, I grew up believing that completing a college education was very important and that it would ultimately lead me to a happy, rich and successful life. Moreover, I have always seen education as an outlet that allows you to see the world through the eyes of others. Learning about the world and other people’s experiences always fascinated me. I craved education.

Although I still think education is very much important towards individual development, I now understand that it is not the leading factor to a rich, successful and happy life. I’ve learned that in order to achieve a fully abundant life, one must first have appreciation for one’s life as it is in this present moment. This realisation begins with first loving yourself as you are now, realising that you are enough as you are NOW. For some people, this understanding can come through education but for me it has come from pain and life changing experiences.

Most of my twenties I spent worrying about the future and waiting to satisfy societal deadlines in order to feel proud of myself. I also spent a lot of time feeling guilty for past mistakes, saying yes to the wrong people and staying stuck in dead-end jobs I wasn’t happy in. During those days, my mind was often filled with anxiety and negative self-talk which in turn kept me feeling stuck, afraid and angry. I would attract toxic people and situations into my life. I’d often cry myself to sleep wondering why I had not yet achieved all of the success, love and happiness I was dreaming about. I didn’t understand then that all of the things I was focusing on were regularly expanding. My life was a total contradiction. I was craving success, yet sabotaging it with self-defeating thoughts of unworthiness.

These experiences caused me a lot of tears and emotional pain, but thankfully it was all temporary. A shift occurred that caused me to make a decision whether to stay living an unhappy, fear-based life or make a conscious change: and with overwhelming hesitation and scared of the unknown, I choose the latter. I chose to embrace all of the knowledge I have gathered. I chose to fill my mind with belief and positive thoughts that gave me the strength to go try new things. I started my business, left my dead-end job and slowly learned to say goodbye to all of those low energy thoughts that kept me stuck in an unfulfilled life. This journey began 6 years ago, happiness is a decision I make everyday. Somedays I am more successful than others. But I have learned that living in the present with a mind filled with positivity and appreciation for everyone and everything around me feels much better. I have come to realise that I am and always was worthy of all those good things I dreamed about, because I am enough as I am. I believe the story of my life is ever-evolving. I now look forward to the future with excitement and continue to use all of my education and experiences to live a life that is genuinely rich, successful and happy in the now.

The Message of My Story…

When you begin to truly appreciate life, loving yourself for who you are, accepting your flaws, taking responsibility for yourself and actions, embracing your past mistakes and realising that you are enough as you are, you will have no choice but to experience a life that is truly rich, successful and happy.

– Sarah De Jesus, Age 36 (New Jersey)

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