“Mindset is an important aspect of being an entrepreneur and many people forget that.”

My Story…

Growing up, I didn’t have entrepreneurial family members. There was no one who knew about the world of business. I soon discovered my love for business during secondary school when I picked Business Studies as a GCSE. My top grades were proof of the passion I felt for the subject.I thought my love of business would end there and I would be satisfied in the world of 9-5.
Years went by and my feelings never changed. My hunger for knowledge of business grew so I gathered the courage and started my first business alongside my 9-5. I failed and fell flat on my face! I tried again and I fell even further!
It was a painful and heart wrenching moment of my life. There was no emotional support network. I continued my search for knowledge to see where I went wrong (or right). There were no other local entrepreneurs that got how I was feeling.
I soon started connecting with like-minded people. People who understood my struggle and wanted to connect with others like me. These same women had either failed and were scared of trying again or hadn’t started and were scared to step out on faith.
I then discovered what was missing. What was missing was the believe in themselves and their capabilities. That’s when shesaysshedoes.com was born. It was a platform created to share my experiences of failing and succeeding at business and how women can learn from my past experiences of success and failure. The most important aspect of my platform is to share thought-provoking content that not only allows women to curate an idea but to execute it as well. Mindset is such an important aspect of being an entrepreneur and many people forget that.

The Message to My Story…

I want to build a community of ambitious women who want to achieve more so I can help them get there. I hope that my knowledge and experience can have a positive impose on many women’s lives who then go out to achieve everything they ever wanted to achieve.

– Rose

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