“It takes time to get the best of gifts that life has to offer.”

My Story…

Hi, my name is Anjuli Thawait, and here is my story. I have always been a social girl, being a single child I have always searched for more people other than my parents to communicate and share my interests with. I was never really lucky with the type of people I was surrounded with while in school, it was tough. People were more two-faced than real and emitted bad vibes, never really happy with what I had to offer. It wasn’t until in my later school years that I finally found my bunch of humans that have always clung onto me. I started to sing and play the guitar, that was my moment of freedom. I found myself in a whole different world when I perform. I have recently found my new love for writing poems, and I wish to be doing it for the rest of my living days.

There is still uncertainty about what I would be doing or what i should be doing from a career point of view, but I head where life takes me. The one thing that I have learnt is, it takes time to get the best of gifts that life has to offer, and the most exquisite of people will unravel themselves when you are finally prepared for them. I am at a point where it is suffice to say that I have met amazing people who lift me up and allow me to grow to my full capabilities, their belief in me has let me free myself and head towards what I feel is true. Isn’t this something all of us want? A family.

A family to fall back on, to lean on, to sob on. Family is not just blood related, you keep on making while you travel; to travel is better than to arrive. You meet new people, you see new faces and you become friends with people who do not own the same interests as yours but still have the honour of befriending another soul, one that is completely unique.

There is joy in all the little things, I have always believed in living in the moment, and every minute spent smiling and laughing is the time that shall never come back. I have always been childlike, but I am mature and childlike at the same time. I will never grow up when it comes to enjoying life like a baby, having fun and laughing untiringly and without hesitation. There is a certain sense of emancipation when I do not need to filter my thoughts, that is when I know I am with the right kind of people, where I am not judged for speaking out my thoughts and beliefs. Music has allowed me to grow over all these years, made my thinking and my behaviour much more serene and loving. Same is with the other passion I behold, poetry, a bunch of simple words when merged together can express what you feel even when you cannot say them, reading those makes you shiver down your spine. There is not anything that I wouldn’t do for the people I love. What I feel is what I want to give to others, and that is the unconditional love that I hold for the people that I vibe with.

The Message of My Story:

“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”

-Anjuli Thawait, Age 20 (India)

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