“A society where everyone is allowed to express themselves freely.”

 “It’s so frustrating seeing people looking at a population of 1.8billion people every time “ISIS” causes trouble. It’s like mate, they attack you once in a blue moon but they attack us daily. They are purely evil. We have absolutely nothing to do with them. Just because a thief dresses up in a uniform of a Police man it doesn’t make him a police officer. People need to understand this…” – Omar Imran

My Story…

My name is Omar, I live in New Zealand and my story is simple. I want to promote “tolerance” as much as possible. I want people (especially my own people from South Asia/ Middle East) to understand that there are 7 billion people living on this planet with different languages, cultures, religion, morals and point of views. I have grown up in New Zealand, a liberal/secular society where every single citizen, no matter who they are live in peace and harmony. A society where everyone is allowed to express themselves freely. People are happy. I’m not saying people are not happy in South Asia/Middle east but from what I have seen every time I have visited that region I was shocked to see that a lot of people are not able to express themselves truly. They are simply afraid of intolerant reactions from their family, friends and neighbours. Many dreams are killed because of this. We must get rid of this “intolerance poison” and let people be themselves.

My Message…

We must learn to listen and respect other people’s point of view and let them be. We have the right to disagree with someone but do not have the right to force another person to change their way of life. As long as he/she is not causing any physical harm to you or the society we must accept that we aren’t all the same. We only have one life so why not live it the way we want to live it rather than thinking about what “Aunty Bushra” would think. My motto in life is “Respect all | fear none” oh and Eat Biryani!

-Omar Imran (New Zealand)

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