“We are told to do whatever makes us happy, but we only chase the things that the world says will make us happy.”

Who is MvDarklight?

He has remained anonymous for almost a year since beginning to write on Instagram and simultaneously making a name for himself in Wynwood by doing his quotes on the floors of the Famous art district, he came out of seemingly nowhere and built a formidable following in a very short time. Now, with over a quarter of million Instagram followers we want to know, who is he and what is his story?

What is your Name?

Michael. My last name does start with a V but Mvdarklight stands for Michael Vs the Darklight and Darklight is  darkness masquerading as light.

Can you expand on “Darklight”?

Yes. It is a manipulation of truth meant to deceive others. A lie in the heart and a truth in its beat to make those that hear it believe, like a darkness so black that it can make the grey seem like flickers of light.

What made you write on Instagram?

It’s more of a who, an old friend. He is successful at it and had seen my work before, the thing is I’ve been writing, making music and art for a long time. I’ve known him since we were kids.  We have had A strong relationship and a mutual respect for our talents. He mentioned it to me and thought I could really make an impact on that platform. Which I’m thankful for, and here we are.

Why the anonymity?

Many reasons actually. I am definitely not fame’s secret admirer for one. I’m not dead set against showing myself either, as I will have to eventually do for interviews such as these but I have tried to prolong that process as long as I could and given people the chance to judge and appreciate my work without it being tainted by my “appearance”. I also own a business and work full-time. I deal with a lot of people and would find it a distraction if they knew who I were. I keep the “Darklight” identity a secret from most people. Also, It would be harder to do what I do in Wynwood if people knew what I look like.

How do you manage to write while working full-time? Is your business related to writing?

No, it’s not and I’m glad you mentioned it because I’m not sure people realize the amount of work I put into it. Since I started I haven’t missed a single day of posting. Never taken a day off, but that’s not including the fact that I run a business that is open 7 days and takes up most of my time. It is a very busy business and I’m writing my post in my mind as the day goes along because most of the time I don’t have the luxury of taking time to write things down. If you’re a follower and you see me running late on a post now you know why. Before writing I was in the music industry and I still find time to work on music side-projects as well as art projects in Wynwood etc. I’m also adept at other skills like photography, visual effects and graphic arts. As you can probably imagine by now I don’t sleep much.

Music seems to mean a lot to you, is there a particular genre you like or artist?

I appreciate all music and artist from many genres. Sade, Erykah Badu, Jem, Tribe called quest, Talib Kweli, Pharcyde, Stars, Mutemath, Sioux and the banshees, even music from other countries. Like AnnaLisa Scarrone for example. I could go on forever.

What about authors any particular ones you like?

There’s really no author in particular I think of as being a favorite. I like many Authors and poets in particular Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allen Poe, Ruben Dario, Pablo Neruda, Paulo Cohelo, Osho. I don’t necessarily agree with everything some say but that is the nature of it. I think people get too caught up in trying to find other people who will think exactly like they do and agree with everything they do. People that discard a particular artist or author because they might of written or said something they didn’t agree with. I’m not against being wrong I’m sure I’m wrong about a lot of things but I am against people who know they’re wrong and purposely manipulate others by twisting truth.

What is Mvdarklights personality like?

On the surface I’m reserved and most of the time deep in thought, a bit intense and I’ve heard I can be intimidating but people who really get to know me will tell you something very different. I’m quick thinking and witty, creative. I have integrity, a strong sense of purpose, and conviction. I don’t follow trends, I go against the grain. I’m a listener, I listen to people, I listen to the wind, I listen to silence, I listen with my eyes, with my thoughts and doing so I have an infinite source of inspiration even if sometimes at the cost of tapping into things I don’t want to tap into.

What would that be? …The supernatural. Let’s leave it at that.

What is your purpose?

I have always written but now that I’m “out there” I feel a responsibility to be real, to not give people a message that goes against what I believe simply because it’s a popular opinion and can get me a bigger following or sell more books.  I have discarded potential post many times because I disagreed with the core message. My intentions are to merge my other talents into one body of work that can inspire others to do more, to be more, to not give up on love, on hope and faith. In this world, We are sold fantasies and told to keep it real. We are told what is real, what is Art, what is beautiful, and then told think for ourselves. We are told to do whatever makes us happy but we only chase the things that the world says will make us happy. I want to inspire others to abandon these false beliefs and to decide for themselves with their souls and not a programmed mind, what real art and real talent is. I want to reach out to other artists in any platform, be it spoken word, film, music, art, etc to collaborate on these ideals as well.

When will we see a Michael Darklight book?

It’s a question I get more and more. I haven’t made a formal announcement but I’m firmly set on this year.

Any last things you want to add?

Yes, I’d like to thank Journals of the World for reaching out to me for this interview, God, my friends, family, and my fans! I have two accounts @mvdarklight and @mvdrklt. One has my most up to date work and the other has my art, fan pictures, poems and quotes written with a Typewriter. Mvdarklight.com will also be up and running soon.

 – Michael – MvDarkLight (Miami)

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