“Some obstacles make us so strong that we learn to face minuscule obstacles with ease.”

My Story…

My name is Simran Sharma and I am 20 years old. I live in Bhopal, India, and here is what I have to say…

None of our lives have ever been a bed of roses. Rather, I believe that we all face several hurdles at some point in our lives. Some obstacles make us so strong that we learn to face minuscule obstacles with ease.

About 10 years ago, my younger sister passed away. After much trauma, it was not easy for me to be so brave and erase someone from my life, forget and move on. I was left as a single child to my parents. And it wasn’t easy for us to come out of it. My society, till date, reminds us about the incident. But anyhow we still collect our shattered parts, smile and move on.

There came a point in my life when I was judged by people who never knew anything about me, rather who hardly met me. For them I was a ‘gold-digger’ or something they called fascinated by wealth of a person. I have always been a hard working person throughout my life and most importantly, I believe in living a respectful life. I don’t think at this young age I should have been talking about all such issues in life but unfortunately, I faced them in my early years so that I could take every step in future with utmost care. I took up a career path, which I think people rarely take up i.e pursuing two degrees altogether just to give my parents and myself a happy and peaceful life.

Being the only child I had the responsibility of my parents. So I took up one of the toughest courses, Chartered Accountancy, along with Honors in Accountancy from one of the best colleges in my area. It was here, that I came across people whom I feel have changed my life forever. They are for sure my friends, but they are also the blessings in my life. They define the true meaning of friendship. Even today, I also thank those friends who did not remain with me, as they are not worth the enmity. If anything they have taught me to realize the true value of friendship, love and affection.

This is just a story of my life. Each and every one of you out there who has been reading this has gone through one or more incident in life that has changed them into something they never wanted to become. Heartbreak, trust issues, friendship problems are all the stepping stones to obtain our goals in life. No one can have a perfect life served before-hand and if it is served then it is not your life. You owe it to the person who served it for you.

Don’t let your life be controlled by someone who lowered your self respect rather be strong enough to prove them wrong. Let your actions speak louder than words. Make them regret their words rather than giving them an opportunity to laugh upon.

The Message of My Story…

Always thank God for each and every person he sent in your life. They always came with a reason to serve and it is you who has to make the best out of it and make your life worth living. Don’t let it be controlled by an outside force. Be happy with what you have. Fall in love with the person you see in the mirror everyday and trust me the world around you will be filled with all the colours of success you deserve in life.

-Simran Sharma, Age 20 (India)

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