“Be content with what you have and don’t let your limitations ruin the numbered days you have got.”

My Story…

My name is Hamda Arab. I was born on 22nd May 1996 in a very loving family. Since my early years I have been a person with limited words to say and found it difficult to share my thoughts. People know me as the quiet one. This quality of mine made me reach to a few I refer to as my family and friends. These people have been there for me during all my ups and downs. Helped me overcome my fears. They helped me discover a new world of happiness, a world without any limitations, a world of expression, a world of infinite imagination, the world of writing. They helped me make my weakness my strength. This is how writing happened for me.

People I look up to have always had one motive and that was spreading positivity. They taught me that everyone around me has something to say, something to offer, something to teach. They taught me not to judge but to respect. They taught me that being mean is easy, anybody can be mean but being humble and polite is not a game many of us win. They taught me what you give is what you get. And to be honest a kind word can make anybody happy. And happiness is all what we strive for, isn’t it?
Through my journey I have realised that no matter what, people who love you stay with you. They love you for what you are and accept you for that. They don’t question your choices. They don’t ask questions. They not only help you find yourself but they help you create yourself.

The Message of My Story…

Be content with what you have and don’t let your limitations ruin the numbered days you have got. Be strong and smile always. Use the blessings you have to make lives better.

-Hamda Arab, Age 20 (India)

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  1. Mona says:

    Hamda Arab…. llife lessons so beautifully expressed.
    Power of introverts is a good read for you…if you havent already read it.

  2. hira ali says:

    Ur positivity and optimism encourages others to move on in life ..such articles really help in making us realize how important our family is and how good life is..it truely feels happy to know a girl like you who though quite has got a heart and soul full of such positive content 😊 good job hamda ..wish u all success and happiness in life ..God bless you

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