“In order to succeed, you must not care for what people think, do your own thing.”

My Story…

Overcoming the fear of judgement through music:

My name is Brierley, I am an 18 year old Songwriter, Producer and DJ from the United Kingdom. I primarily focus on writing and producing songs for my own artist career, however I also work for other Artists and TV Campaigns on the side.

I first became in touch with music at around 7 years of age. At the time I was listening to bands such as ‘Good Charlotte’ and ‘Busted’ and through listening to these bands I decided I wanted to take up a musical instrument – of course, this had to be the Guitar! For the next 8 years (until I was 15) I would spend hours and hours each day writing melodies on the guitar until I quickly ran into a problem; I had all these songs that I had written but I couldn’t actually do anything with them. This was when I took up the art of production. The timing for this worked out quite well for me as it was around this time that my music class at school started studying music production.

Here’s the funny part; A year went by and I absolutely hated it. I just could not understand a single aspect of the process – in fact, I was so bad my teacher’s actually advised me to quit (I don’t blame them, I was seriously terrible!). My music class was very small in numbers, there was only 5 other people who took the class. This got me thinking. Everything I had ever taken part in prior to this involved a lot more people, therefore there was technically less chance of me being the ‘best’. With my music class, there were only 5 other people for me to ‘compete’ with, so my chances of being the best were a lot higher. I had never really been good at much before, so this was a real opportunity for me. It motivated me so much that… well, music production is now my full time job anyway.

I quickly decided I wanted to launch my own artist career, which was great, but there was one giant obstacle getting in my way. I have only ever attended one school in my life so for this next part I can only talk for the school I attended – whether or not all school’s are like this, I wouldn’t know. Unfortunately, the school I attended was very much so based around popularity. In other words, if you were either good looking or funny, you’d be popular…. I was neither of these! You’re probably wondering why this affected my decision of launching my artist career. It was quite a small school, everybody knew who everybody was even if they had never spoken to each other. It is hard to describe, but when you are in a small environment like that it’s basically like being in a giant bubble; everything gets spread around faster than you can blink twice. It’s a very judgemental place, so for me to do something as contrary as launching my artist career and posting my work online, this makes me stand out as being ‘different’ all of a sudden. Therefore I am certainly going to be judged for doing so, and by ‘judged’ I mean laughed at.

I had a decision to make, do I forget about becoming an artist altogether just through fear of judgement? Or, do I just accept that I am going to be judged regardless, and use it as motivation to perfect my craft? I guess it all came down to, ‘how much did I really want it?” How much did becoming my own artist really mean to me? The amount of people who give up far too easily because they don’t want to take the risk of doing their own thing, not just in music but in every profession, whereas if they had just stuck too it a little longer they would have succeeded, I didn’t want to have the constant regret of not giving it a go.  It was around this time that I thought of a quote. It sounds pretty stupid but I remember one day just thinking to myself;

‘Success in not caring’ – in order to succeed, you must not care for what people think, you do your own thing.

This mindset was what helped me to become an artist.

The Message of my Story…

The message I am trying to portray through my story is that you shouldn’t be afraid to express your creativity. Whether it’s fashion, music, art, writing etc… as long as there is reason for expressing it, I would advise you to just do it. You will be surprised how much more happy you will become in yourself, the opportunities that you will be presented to you, and most importantly, what you once thought was going to make you ‘stand out’ or be seen as different, actually makes you look pretty damn normal!

-Brierley, Age 18 (UK)

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