“You cannot have success without passion, you have to love what you do.”

My story…

My name is Miquel Castany Crivillers and I was born on the 20th of May 1999. I am from Spain, raised in a city near Barcelona, called Vic. I’ve always been a shy guy and struggled to share my issues and feelings with other people. Apart from that always I liked to draw and paint.

About a year ago I made a drawing and uploaded on Instagram. I saw that had more likes than my actual pics and so I decided to make some more to upload there. With more than a year I gained 15,300 followers and a really supportive community. Through these drawings I can express my feelings, I can tell people what I want to tell them, I can be thankful, I can protest and I can do what I love. And that’s the most amazing thing; I can connect with people.


The Message of My Story…

With my story I want to say that if you have a talent, a passion, a thing that you can make, then share it. Share it with the world, because we love to see new things. Don’t listen to the hate, just focus on the positive comments. I remember on of the early comments posted on my drawing, it was one of the most kind comment I’ve ever read and little things like that keeps you going on. Remember, you cannot have success without passion, you have to love what you do.

“Each little pencil has a great story to tell. That’s the main reason why i keep them”

-Miquel Castany Crivillers, Age 16 (Spain)

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