“People who are concerned about their rights, more then their responsibilities, usually do not do justice to either.”

My story…..

My name is Syed Saad Pasha. I cannot summarize the 26 years spent on this once green earth in a single story but I will share what I feel is important and would have you some idea about my life.

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. One of three siblings, a twin brother and a younger sister, raised by a single mother after my father passed away of cancer in 1998. She took on the world for us, I believe this single sentence will not do justice to what she has done for us and at still today she is the beacon of sanity and reason in all our lives.

Now talking about myself. I am a business graduate who got to know quite early that this is was not my calling and I am not going to spend my life on a desk doing a 9 to 5. That being said, what I want in life and what my responsibilities do not align right now so this story is far from complete. I still have to travel, meet new people and experience how we are so uniquely different. Many people want to travel to certain places, but I do not want to choose any particular destination to explore because I believe one usually finds what or who they want in the unlikeliest of places.

I am a foodie, and as a Pakistani we have food for everything – having food is a event by itself! A total chai addict, boxing and gym buff who loves to read but has started more books than I have finished. So for those who took time to read what I had to say thank you and for now “that all folks.”

My message….

In this age of individualism where everyone is talking about their rights and personal space, give a thought to your responsibilities to family, country, nature and most importantly humanity.

– Syad Saad Pasha (Pakistan)

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