“Music is an escape from the harsh reality of this world we live in.”

Marcus “Marc See” Curry is an American Hip-Hop Recording Artist/Producer and Composer based out of Atlanta, GA. Being a Musician, Composer, Producer, Songwriter, and all around entrepreneur, he is out here to live his passion.
Since the age of 11, Marc See has always had aspirations of making it big the music business. The multi-talented Emcee has worked with some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, and is a part of Dungeon Family Generation X. Marc See moved his way up the ranks going from being an aspiring musician to becoming a highly talented and creditable Emcee. Many of his fans and followers consider Marc See’s style of music to be innovative, trend-setting and breath of fresh air. Marc credits his predecessors; Andre 3000, Kanye West, Common T.I., Jeezy and Ludacris for opening up doors and fueling his love for music.
What were the stages which lead to where you are now, your story?

From early on I had an interest in music by learning how to play the trumpet, bass guitar and keyboard. By age 16 I was composing music at band practice where I was also the first chair trumpet section leader. Being from Georgia, my music gave me my first big break when my single “Rag Top,” took over the Atlanta clubs and was a favourite with many nightclub DJ’s. Through my journey I gained entrepreneurial skills, which lead me to being a business minded executive who is the President/CEO of Frēmind Productions, LLC. Frēmind Productions is a multi-media entertainment conglomerate specializing in audio production, music mastering, live instrumentation and broadcasting.

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What lead to the creation of your name Marc See?

The name Marc See came about when I decided to drop the letter C for Curry and change it to the word “See”. I wanted the world to “See” my abilities and to “See” my creativity as an artist, I believe as an artist I also have the ability to “See” things most people overlook.

Can you describe your process of putting your song ‘money train’ together?

Writing the lyrics enabled me to put life experiences to paper, then providing vocals took this to the speakers and then to your ears. I wanted Money Train to show a day in the life of Marc See… No matter what, making a living with no excuses is a must. It shows you have to crawl before you can walk. It’s okay to grind it out, rain sleet or snow. You will always see results…

Is music just a form of art to you, or is it also an escape ? 

Both, it is most definitely an art form as it is a means of expression, but also an escape. An escape from the harsh reality of this world we live in. Channeling this into music greatly influences it, hence the name of my first e.p. “A Harsh Reality”.

Who do you aspire to be?
 I aspire to be such a creative influence for others, as were some of the greats in hip hop, which goes beyond music. My next step to this is that I am currently working on the release of my new album entitled “A Vivid Dream”, and my mix-tape “The Great Grind” which is hosted by 106 & Park/Hot 107.9 Atl’s DJ Iceberg.
What is your one message for the young aspiring artists?

Find your passion. Stay grounded. Stay focused. Stay working. Never be satisfied and take risks. You’ll see tremendous growth.

If you enjoyed hearing the story of the American artist Marc See, check out his music at Marc See .


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