“Magic inspired me to learn something completely unique and gave me confidence within myself.”

Pursuing his passion towards magic, Amit (aka. MagicAmit), has been travelling the globe to showcase the fascinating art of close-up magic and hypnosis. Developing his skills in slight of hand, and understanding the vulnerabilities of the human brain has enabled him to bring a sense of ‘the unknown’ and mystery back into our lives.
Just the presence Magic Amit creates, immediately sets the scene and for his audience, what is next to come is truly unmissable.

MagicAmit & Mike Tyson

Your appeal towards magic came at very young age. As kids, we are drawn to many things, but what was it about magic that held your interest for all these years?

I first got my magic set at the age of 4 years old. As a kid I suffered from a very bad spell of severe asthma which continued to my teens. Magic kept me going, it inspired me to learn something completely unique. The hobby then got bigger for me and I wanted to go out there and perform. Due to my medication I was always a big kid, I wasn’t able to run, play and do what other kids did, magic therefore gave me the confidence within myself.

For you, what is the most rewarding part of being a magician?

The most rewarding part of being the magician is seeing the emotions on people faces, it gives me great satisfaction that I am doing something which has changed someone’s day. Equally knowing that I have made a difference at a event that I have been booked at. On a personal level magic takes a long time to practice and perfect so getting the feedback makes it rewarding for me.

As science and technology has advanced, people now tend to think more logically and with the internet it is easier to reveal how tricks are performed. Do you see technology as a hindrance to your art, or has it aided it?

We live in a modern society where technology is around everywhere. Laymen people do tend to ask how a certain trick is done, and I question people and say how do you think I did it? And if they don’t get the answer they will go to YouTube, around the internet and on forums and come on with the craziest methods. For me it’s not really about how I do what I do or what other magicians do, I guess it’s more about creating a moment of astonishment for people to enjoy and talk about. So personally I like the fact that these people go onto the internet and try and figure out how things are done as it only makes magic more popular. Equally another advantage of modern day technology is how you can use it within magic, there are some magicians who have a full technology act using phones, tablets, laptops etcetc. In my everyday performance myself I use a phone to produce someone playing card as well as even  guessing someone’s pin code.

A magician’s craft is dependent on mystery. Does the possibility of your secrets being uncovered while you perform them play on your mind?

There are 3 types of people, number one the person who enjoys and appreciates the magic, number two the person who appreciates the magic but wants to question everything or three the person who just wants to uncover how the trick is done but doesn’t appreciate the show. As a professional magician you have to learn how to manage your audience and that comes with practice and choreography of your show. I don’t fear if a trick gets revealed as sometimes you do make mistakes, but as a professional magician I always have a way out.

What is your favourite trick to perform and as a magician are there any illusions that still intrigue and excite you?

One of my favourite close-up magic trick that I like to perform is where a deck of playing cards disappear in your spectators very own hands – I guess you got to see it to believe it. There are so many creation and effects that are out there by some real talented magicians, one of my favourite things about being a magician is the feeling of getting fooled myself.. and this happens on a regular basis. That then motivates me to go and learn it or some up with a method myself.

After leaving university to pursue your passion, a decision that many students today would find extremely difficult, what exactly inspires and motivates you?

Leaving university for me wasn’t a hard decision, I was doing a course which I was really unhappy in. I had to make a wise decision that would benefit my future. I had magic to fall back on as bookings were flowing in (touchwood), I also had a job on the side which I loved. I guess in life one day you have to make a decision that some people might not be happy with, whether that is in a career point of view, personal, relationship or any other kind. One must listen to their own heart and do what is right for them, if you don’t you will live with a fear to carry on which is not right. So making that decision itself motivates and inspires me to be the best and what I do best.


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