“Always believe in yourself no matter what happens. Nothing is impossible if you stay true to yourself.”

My Story…

Well I will start off by saying that dancing and choreographing are my life! I have been dancing since the ripe old age of 2 and teaching and choreographing since the age of 13. I was practically born in a dance studio, my older sisters both dance and are now dance teachers. My mom use to work at the dance studio so we could take class for free because my mom was a single parent of 3 girls and we couldn’t afford it. So, I’ve always had a passion for dance but when I lost my mom to cancer 4 years ago dance really became my solace. Dance makes me feel alive and allows me to express myself without saying a word. I also love to teach and I have a real knack for it already and I am only 16. I teach workshops all over the United States and I hope to soon be teaching overseas, I really love it.

My message…

My message to the world is that never, ever give up on your dreams. Always believe in yourself no matter what happens. I have had quite a bit of tragedy in my life, but I am also very blessed to be able to do what I love at such a young age. I hope that I inspire young people to go after their dreams, don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do it or you are too young. Nothing is impossible if you stay true to yourself!

-Angel Gibbs, Age 16

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  1. Maria says:

    Keep going at it Angel!

  2. Jonathon says:

    I’ve seen you on TV! World of Dance – you were good:)

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