“Don’t hesitate to show what you have, don’t listen to those ordinary masses, think different if your soul dictates you to do so.”

My story …

Well, I am Ansh Choubey from Bhopal India. I am 19 years old, one of the youngest authors of our time, with my novel being published in the United States of America. Apart from an author I am also a business enthusiast, entrepreneur , classic pop singer, programming enthusiast and former interface model. I have also been recruited by the M.B.D science talent search and have been selected for the space research program in Bengaluru.

The World is not as charming as it seems, it is constantly being filled by university “toppers” to scholars, to arrogant and selfish public representatives and we call them pioneers. But the truth is, the world is full of the people with short-term thinking and an ordinary approach; they are scholars but don’t apply their knowledge, they don’t broaden their minds. There exists public representatives but they don’t want to do anything for the nation. We are living in a world with majority of jerks, narrow-minded souls, and ordinary IQ people.

Now if you are unique, think differently from the masses, have higher IQ, the world would definitely be envious of it, you can’t show your skills, you can’t actually expose the potential until and unless you are proved on a legitimate platform, with a so-called “Certification”. My emphasis on this panorama is that, if you are unique and consider yourself worthy, don’t hesitate to show what you have, don’t listen to those ordinary masses, think different if your soul dictates you to do so. “Do That Thing”!

Ansh Choubey’s Novel – Never Ending…Something

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I was merely 16-year-old when my novel got published, it was an overwhelming moment for me, “thousands” of congratulations from “lakhs” of people. It was a lock on the mouth of many critics, that included my relatives who made fun of me, mates around me and many people who tried to bully me, this was the first slap.

Now after high school graduation, I refused to pursue engineering as it was not my cup of tea, there then came a phase of my life when people were questioning on my abilities and were forcing me to take on that career and work on that private platform for petty amounts of money. I mean who are they? When I know my true abilities, my weaknesses and strong points too, I refused and took a simple graduation course. I invested my money on educational franchisees and started to earn money which was equivalent to a monthly salary of a good engineer and now I am earning a handsome amount of money enough to make my life full of luxuries. I have saved money for my pop album, and I know it would be a hit as my previous novel was selected for teen book of the year in year 2014 and 2015.

With the blessing of my mom I will become a multimillionaire, a singer, a public figure, a programming enthusiast, a true servant to my country. This would definitely be different from the rest of those ordinaries, and even after proving myself from point to point, still there are people who say “Will you be able to do all these things?” and in reply, my soul shouts louder “I can and I will and there is nothing in the world that can stop me”.

“If the world takes you as a joke, but your soul echoes, whatever it is – do it. The day will eventually come when the world will mark you as a legend”

The message of my Story…

There is nothing impossible for any human, nothing is ordinary and nothing is extraordinary. The only thing which matters is your will power and to constantly emit an aura of positivity. The world is full of new and unique possibilities. “Yes I can and I will.”

– Ansh Choubey, age 19 (India)

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