“Taking the dream I have and using the talents I have been given, to change the world.”

My Story…

I am an outgoing, tenacious, and persistent TV Host/Blogger! I am dedicated to using my ability as a Host and Personality to inspire others to live the life of their dreams. I created my blog, Dream Series TV, to help with this mission as I believe there need to be more voices, more people coming together as a community to help enlighten consciousness. To help enlighten self-awareness and forward thinking. To help others create their own communities and have those communities exist within one large global community of dream doers and action seekers. This is my ultimate goal. To take the dream I have, to use the talents I have been given, to change the world!

The Message of My Story…

The message of my story, of my purpose is simple. Inspire one dream at a time and create a global community of enlightened leaders.

-Dionna Chambers

If you wanted to find out more about Dionna check out her site www.dionnachambers.com

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