“We all can do anything and be anyone we want to be.”

Aidan Prince, is only 9 years old…
Also known under the name BAHBOY, Aidan is an actor, dancer and vlogger, a truly multi-talented individual. He is a great example of how hard work and determination produces great results and he has now worked with some of the top choreographers in the business, such as Matt Steffanina, David Moore and Tricia Miranda. Performing along side Justin Bieber on stage, for his recent album ‘Purpose’, he as achieved a substantial amount considering he stated dancing at the age of 4!
If you’ve already heard of Aidan its most probably through his routine to Major Lazer’s “Jet Blue Jet”, which went viral on Youtube. From California, Aidan now trains at the Talent Factory, Millennium and IDA Hollywood LA based studios.
Keep an eye our for this young talent who definately has a very bright future ahead of him!
You began dancing around the age of 4, can you describe how dancing makes you feel? What is about dancing that you love so much?
Dancing makes me feel good and confident about myself. I love learning new styles and meeting so many amazing teachers and dancers.
You currently take hip-hop, break dancing, gymnastics, ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and contemporary dance lessons. Do you have a preference between these genres? And do you find it hard balancing your love for dance with your everyday commitments?
I enjoy all the dance genres but I love hip hop the most because I am able to express myself better with this style of dance. School is very important to me and I want to do a good job. My parents said if I don’t do good in school then I can’t dance so I always want to make them proud.  The moment I get home, I do my homework or I do it in the car if I have to leave for an audition. When I am not dancing, I ride my bike or go to the park and play basketball.
Performing on the stage with Justin Bieber is a huge accomplishment. What exactly inspires you to pursue the art of dance and what keeps you driven?
It was a dream come true being able to dance with Justin Bieber. I got to see how it was to dance in such a big arena and I loved it.  I am inspired to keep dancing because it makes me happy and it makes my supporters all around the world happy. I get emails and comments from young kids who wants to dance because they saw my dance videos. I am only 9 years old so it means a lot that there are other kids looking up to me. I hope to be a good role model and make more of my dreams come true.
Having such enthusiasm, energy and passion for what you do, what’s next for you? What would you say your next aim is at this moment?
I love to dance but I also like acting and singing. I have been taking classes and want to pursue a career where I can use all my skills.
What message would you have for kids your age, who have a dream?

My parents always tell me to follow my heart and love what I do because it is a lot of work so I need to always do my best. My advice is to try everything at least once. When they decide what they like, be dedicated, work hard and never give up.

Lastly, I want the kids to know that school is very important so stay focus and get good grades. We all can do anything and be anyone we want to be.

Aidan’s love for dance has been able to grow because of the support and encouragement from his loving parents. So here is an brief insight from their perspective….
Can you recall how Aidan’s love for dance and music came about?
Aidan’s first experience of dance was watching his uncles break dance. At the age of one, he was trying to get on his head to attempt a head spin. After that, we enrolled him in ‘mommy and me’ gymnastic classes. We weren’t sure if he would pursue the art of dance, but we knew we had to provide him with the proper fundamental training. At four years old, we enrolled him in hip hop and he never wanted to stop dancing. We weren’t sure at that time how long it was going to last but it has definitely become his main passion.
Many parents have an agenda for their child and Aidan has been fortunate enough to have you supporting his dreams. How exactly, as parents, did you manage to do this and was it an easy decision for you to make?

As parents we wanted Aidan to be exposed to as many sports and activities as we can. We realised very early on that he loved every activity we enrolled him in and he always excelled to be the best. We were both working full time and didn’t think much of his after school activities. When Aidan was approached at 8 years old to be signed as a dancer, we realised that maybe he could actually be good at it.

Everything was going fine until his dance video “Jet Blue Jet” by Major Lazer choreographed by Tricia Miranda went viral. The Ellen show immediately followed and our lives were turned upside down.  We had to make tough decisions and it was very hard trying to balance not only his life but ours as well.  It’s been a year and a half and we are now finally able to find a balanced schedule for the whole family.  Plans we had in the past has changed and we are now focused on Aidan and his needs. He has shown us how dedicated he is to dancing so we’ve committed all our time to helping him do what he loves most. Being supportive of him and learning the business he is now part of our main priority. The journey so far has been everything from “what’s going on?” to “how are we going to do this?” to “We are so happy we are exactly where we are today!”. With all of Aidan’s social media, Youtube videos and working professionally, we are now a solid team working for one goal.

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