“So many people continue to do something they hate for fear that they will fail at pursuing what they are truly passionate about.”

My Story…

My name is Tom Burke. I am the lead singer/drummer of the band Pineapple Jam. We are a bluesy, funky, jazzy rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. We have been together since the summer of 2013. Since then we have played all around Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, and Lowell.

I recently decided to leave my job as a graphic designer and really pursue music. I told myself I’d give myself a year to pursue this dream. Many people have questioned this decision and I understand how unrealistic this dream is, however I have to at least try. I truly think our music is good enough for us to have success in the music industry. I know it is not going to be easy though.

Now I spend my days performing acoustic covers at Faneuil Hall and at two Potbelly locations in Boston including Logan Airport. While I play, I am promoting our band with flyers, handing out CDs and just making people aware of Pineapple Jam.

When I’m not performing I am at home emailing or calling every journalist, record company, music supervisor, music agency, anyone I think could help us. It is definitely a humbling experience as I rarely get a response and when I do it is usually a no. However, I keep on pushing. I am also emailing and calling every venue and college within the Boston area and I have gotten us a few more gigs.

I have tried to use creative ways to get our band more views like emailing Instagram famous people and Youtube famous channels for adverstising opportunities. I have also been trying to go to a lot of open mics in Boston and I am considering traveling to New York to do some now that our album is finally done.

Overall, I am trying my absolute hardest to make this dream a reality. Right now we have just finished our first studio album. It has ten tracks in total. Our album is called Best Served On Toast and is available on almost all music outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and our website. I think people are really going to enjoy it. The tough part is promoting and marketing our band. It is so difficult to make yourself known.

I thank Journals Of The World for giving us an outlet to get our band out to more people and hopefully more fans and I’m going to keep pursuing this dream as hard as I can.

 The message of my story…

Don’t be afraid to pursue what you are passionate about no matter what. So many people continue to do something they hate for fear that they will fail at pursuing what they are truly passionate about. The truth is that yes, I most likely will fail. But I will sleep better and have no regrets knowing that I gave it my all. If it’s not good enough so be it, but I gave it my all.

-Tom Burke

If you enjoyed reading Tom’s story, follow his instagram page @PineappleJamMusic or check out his music on pineappleJamBand.com

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