“I really love music and you could say it is one of the reasons I enjoy living so much.”

My Story…

Hello, my name is Jacob Smith. I was born on September 27, 2002. I am currently at the age 13, and I live in Southern California. Some of the things I love are movies and music. You could call me basic, and you wouldn’t be lying. However, I do seem to take a bigger interest in these things than most people. The music I love isn’t what most kids listen to at my age. They seem to like rap music along with hip-hop, whereas I love the older music such as Led Zeppelin and The Who. I don’t just listen to music, but I appreciate it. As I grew up through the age of 9, you could say I really didn’t have a taste in music. I would easily listen to whatever music played, and I would like it. Back then, I hadn’t appreciated what music was, and what it brings to your life. However, this all changed over time, and now I really love music and you could say it is one of the reasons I enjoy living so much.
It all changed when I was camping with my family at the beach, and on the radio came on Queen, and there song, We Will Rock You. When I listened to this, I asked my mom when it came out, and she said it came out sometime in the 80s. I was intrigued by this, so when we got home, I started to listening to more Queen. This really gave me a sense of what old music was like, and what it could be like. Around 2 years later I had to an assignment on someone I looked up to, so I did it on John Lennon. At the time, I hadn’t listened to The Beatles or any of their music, so when I listened to the Beatles for my project I was amazed. This soon made me interested in Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, Elton John, Wings, The Who, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, and so on. That was quite a random list, but I think it got the point across. I now only listen to older music because it gives me a sense of happiness, with the feeling that I’m listening to something that has aged, and has become a classic. I now play the drums, guitar, and piano, in hopes to someday hopefully achieve my dreams of being in a rock band. I know it’s unlikely, but dreams sometimes translate to reality. I’ve gotten to see Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, and ACDC perform in concert, which as you can imagine was an amazing experience.
One of the things I love as much as music are movies. Movies have always made me happy, and recently I have really started to appreciate movies with every little detail. This began last year or so when I watched the best picture nominations, and I started to wonder why they were nominated best picture. I started paying attention to little details and since then, me and my friends have gone out trying to film little films in our backyards. Another dream of mine is to direct movies when I’m older. I love watching movies and appreciating them for the cinematography, editing, and directing. I can go A LOT more in depth, but at this point you’re probably getting bored.

The Message of My Story…

Although I’m young and I’m definitely not qualified, don’t be afraid to get off your computer, go outside, and follow your dreams. This sounds VERY clichéd, but it’s true. You can dream ALL you want, but the only way you’ll get somewhere is if you work for your dreams to come true. I love to play music on my guitar and my drums, and I love to direct and star in movies with my friends. In this day in age, we all have the technology to do things amazing, so let’s take advantage of this and go off and follow our dreams. Thank you so much for reading this, I appreciate you for your time. Have an AWESOME day and spread peace.

– Jacob Smith

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