“Rock bottom can be a beautiful place because when we hit our lowest point we are open to the greatest change.”

My Story…

My name is Michael Knox. I was born February 16th 1988 in Los Angeles, California. Looking back on the last 28 years I can recall hundreds of memorable stories, some good, some bad. The general theme of my adult life has been one of lost and found. Lost is where I found myself at 23 years old when I was fired and dropped out of college all in the same week. The crazy thing is I was 4 classes shy of earning my degree in marketing.

There I was a college dropout who was unemployed and to make things worse I was a new father. My future was not looking too bright. That was the time I started my first business which to be honest was a complete and total failure. The only income I had were from the bi weekly government assistant checks that I was getting and food stamps. I did exactly what most uninspired people would do, I leached off unemployment until it ran out before having to finally find a job.

At the age of 25 I was a total loser. I wanted to be successful so bad but I just didn’t know how. After multiple evictions, repossession and delinquent accounts I had finally gotten to the point of disgust. Disgusted with my life, disgusted with my decisions and disgusted with my lack of vision for the future. That’s when I decided to get serious about learning the art of business. There was only one problem. I was out of money and had to go back to work. I spent the next year or so bouncing from odd job to odd job never really getting comfortable in one place and always staying focused on the goal of my own business.

That dream became a reality when I was 27 years old I launched a consulting practice with only one client and enough belief in myself that the future would take care of itself.

Today, I am the CEO of Succession Media Group and manage a healthy portfolio of happy clients with growing businesses. What a difference 4 years can make. My experience showed me just how powerful the human will can be and at any given point we have the ability not only change our current situation, but our entire lives.

The Message to My Story…

Today, I understand that pain isn’t meant to be feared. Instead its meant to be acknowledged, respected and tested because only through pain can we grow. Work on yourself more than you do on anything else and never forget that no matter how dark it gets or how far you fall, you are never out of the fight. Rock bottom can be a beautiful place because when we hit our lowest point we are open to the greatest change.

– Michael Knox, Age 28

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