“Someone once told me jack of all trades is a master of non. I live to prove them wrong.”

My Story…

I am graphic artist, fashion designer, model, promoter, video editor, and serial entrepreneur. I love creating beautiful things and share my ideas or imagination through art. It can be by me creating short video on Youtube, graphic design or fashion clothing. Currently, I am the CEO & founder of my own company name “Lexynelle Reveur”.

I am also an Exercise Kinesiologist grad with Bachelor of Science in health science degree. Yes, it is not related to art or fashion, but as a kid I loved science. I always wanted to be a doctor, some day that dream will be in place. I am also working in mastering web designing to add as my acquired skills in company service.

Too know me better is to get know “Lexynelle Reveur”. Let me recap that for a minute or two…

Lexynellle is a Canadian lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of its CEO and designer. Lexynelle Reveur was first launched in march 28, 2010 as graphic & film production company. It was joined production with early start-up company founded by the same CEO back in 2007. Years later, the company expended into fashion industry introduced its unisex fashion collection in June 2014 in buffalo, United States. Lexynelle Reveur founded by reputable model, designer with duo fashion content and film having gone from small house operation to successful scaling operation company.

My Message…

I want use my story as an aspiration to inspire people.  I want Lexynelle Reveur company to grow big, generate profitable incomes, hire people and feed their families.

-Lexynelle Reveur



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