“No matter who you are, where you live or what you have gone through – use your time wisely and make sure you can, one day, die without regrets.”

My Story…

Hi, my name is Tom Preikschat!
I am a 19 year old student and solo entrepreneur from Dresden, Germany.

As a young kid, my biggest dream was to become an astronaut. I wanted to explore the universe just like many other boys want in that age group. Unlike other kids in kindergarten, I was sort of premature and started reading very early. I read books about the universe and astronauts, as well as lexicons. Soon I started asking people around me frequently, if they believe that I can explore outer space as well. But my dream shattered – my nursery nurse told me that I will never be able to become an astronaut. She said “Only very few people can become astronauts. Those are special people, not people like you and me.”. It sounds like a fairy tale, but that’s really what she told me over and over again. Even my parents said that I would hardly have a chance to become one of those elite people. I remember being extremely sad and upset. I gave up on my dream. Why? Because some closely related people told me it would be unachievable nonsense.

When I think about that now, my nursey nurse’s words were actually the best thing that ever happened to me. Because as I got older, I’ve often questioned what she said and thus started rejecting other people’s doubts about my personal dreams. And now, I believe that everything is achievable! I want to help you achieve your goals! 

My first actual contact with business or rather leadership was at age 8. I have been an ice hockey player since 2001. At age 8, my coach wanted me to be our team captain for the first time. The moment I got to decide what my team has to do was the moment I fell in love with leadership.
Over the years, I read many books about leadership and even collected a lot of experience in my following years of being a team captain and an employer (more info later).
In parallel, I started to develop a huge interest for businesses. I’ve loved seeing companies grow and sustain, and soon I figured out: I will be my own boss one day. I will create something great and I will let that grow, no matter what it takes.

At age 18, I started my first little company ‘PKS Internet’. I tried to sell online ads on my website ‘YourPixel’, especially to Indic customers. My concept had failed and I shut down the site a year after its launch. BUT besides selling only a few ads on my page, I began working for one of Europe’s largest insurance groups as a ‘sales and team manager’, in order to have a second, more reliable source of income.
It was typical Multi-Level-Marketing work – acquiring new customers and employees for the insurance company. Only a couple of months after I started, I had 5 employees to manage – people who worked for me and earned me money. I loved seeing my team grow and developing systematic growth and sales plans for my employees. It was a great pleasure for me to help other people succeed, while I was working for my own success too.

It quickly developed into a passion.  A passion to inspire others and help them succeed.
So, in May 2015, I launched the Instagram profile @personal_mentor. Now we are a community of more than twenty-five thousand people and still growing rapidly.

Meanwhile, I finished 12th grade and thus school with an average grade of 1.9 and now I’m studying International Business at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden.

I recently decided to quit my insurance job, because I now want to concentrate on further building my own community and business.

The message of my story…

I believe that mindset is everything. My advice is to listen to critics, but not to doubters. Learn from your mistakes and see criticism as a chance to improve. Do what you love and make sure to leave your footprint on this planet. Life and nature is great, enjoy it and be thankful for it every single day. No matter who you are, where you live or what you have gone through – use your time wisely and make sure you can, one day, die without regrets.

-Tom Preikschat

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  1. I share the vision you talk about .. All my life I’ve been held back, discouraged by ppl around me and for years I let that ruin my life, my dreams. I’m realizing now that anything is achievable if the mind can perceive it then the person can achieve it…. I’m at probably one of the lowest points in my life of 38 years… but I am on my way up. There is so much I have for this world and ppl in general and I refuse to let anything hold me down anymore. Thank you for your thoughts this morning have a great day. .. Dustin Hinson

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