“Every night I look at her and think that there is no other thing, in my personal or professional life, that I have done or I will do that can top “being a mother”

My Story…

My name is Sorayda Ceballos. Originally from Medellin, Colombia and living in New jersey. I am the mother of an amazing 10-year-old girl named Gaby and I like to draw.

Celebrating Motherhood project started on New Year’s day and has 2 components:

  1. Motherhood is by far the coolest thing I have done and I do it every day.  It is a complete surrender of love and an inexplicable combination of happiness, joy and fear. Fascinated by Motherhood, I started collecting “Mother and Daughter” art (figurines, prints, plush dolls, etc) since I was pregnant. Last year, I started drawing “Mother and Daughter” pieces and tagged them “Celebrating Motherhood”
  2. I have always loved drawing. I did it all the time until high school, then I stopped for maybe 15 years. During my pregnancy, I started doodling again (I credit my daughter for bringing back that desire). Drawing gives me a lot of peace, but I always had excuses for not having the time to do it…(i.e my full-time job, my daughter, school and after school activities, etc.).  So I decided as a “New Year’s Resolution” to draw/doodle ANYTHING EVERY DAY. My commitment was Practice, Practice, Practice.

So basically “Mother and Daughter” drawings and “365 Project” merged and voila…”Celebrating Motherhood” was created. Well, is 366 Project cause of Leap Year J.

I draw every night, usually around 10 pm. There are days easier than other ones, there are days that my drawings are about what happened during the day, there are days that my drawings are about how I feel, other drawings are based on memories other ones are requested by my daughter… every day is different.

My daughter is only 10 years old, and every night I look at her and think that there is no other thing in my personal or professional life that I have done or I will do that can top “being a mother”. She is definitely my masterpiece. Every milestone fills my heart with inexplicable emotions.

She has taught me so many lessons. I remember when she wanted to run for Student Council President, I encouraged her to run for VP, Secretary or Treasurer because she would have less competition and she said “No, I want to be President”.  She “won” and when she called to tell me, she said “Mom, and you didn’t want me to run for President”.  Then it hit me, I realized my big mistake, I am always telling her how great she is and how she is able to do whatever she wants, but I doubted her and told her to do completely the opposite…. I apologized and we had a long conversation. This is a lesson I will never forget, NEVER.

Also, Fear. Fear that the decisions I’m making are the right ones, fear of me not being there, fear of her being a teenager in this society, fear of her going away to college, fear of her failures, fear of relationships, etc. That is the occupational hazard of being a mother.

We love to party and school dance planning. One of our favorites is Halloween costume planning because for the past 3 years we have made her Halloween Costume and now it is a challenge to make it better than the previous year. We love theater and we have been to a couple of Broadway shows, and we really enjoy Middle School and High School plays in our town. We are talkers… we talk and talk and talk.


My Message…

While they are little, stop and take the time to observe. It is absolutely amazing to see them play and discover the world.  When they are older, take the time to talk and listen. It is absolutely amazing how they see the world and what they think. Most importantly, hug them, kiss them, tell them ALL THE TIME how much you love them.

If you are lucky like me to have your mother alive, call her every day, thank her and tell her how much you understand her now.

If you have the opportunity… take a lot of pictures.

-Sorayda Ceballos

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