“The only thing which matters is how your mindset and dedication can make all the differences”

My story…

My Name is Preetinder Singh a.k.a Shredded Singh, 26 years old belongs to Patiala, Punjab (India). I did Masters of Business administration in Human Resource as a specialization in 2012. But I had a dream to set my career in fitness so that I can help others in their fitness goal by guiding them in the healthiest way possible, but it was not easy. Being a student was fine and college life was good. But when college finished, life changed. Expectations of society and family was they wanted me to do something else, they wanted me to do a job in my Master’s study specialisation.
Not everyone belongs to the business class here, in India, and many talents get destroyed because of this reason only. For instance, suppose you dreamed to one day become an artist and had great painting skills. Nobody will ever tell you to choose the career path as an artist, because of the mentally we have. But we need to understand that money is not everything and the pleasure you can get by doing what you love is something more.
Whatever was the situation, how tough and how hard it was, it never changed my mindset. I worked hard for it. I did some part time work in the Insurance sector for 9 months to save money for my Diet expenses & for my studies in SPORTS NUTRITION. But that money was not enough. I had to sale my Bike (Royal Enfield Bullet) so that I could complete my Sports Nutrition from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). Finally after struggling for it I got my Sports Nutrition Certification done. So now I have my dream as my career. Now, I am working as a ISSA certified Online Nutritionist Trainer. I have transformed almost 200+ people all over the world.
I also competed In the Men’s Physique competition in 2015. I was in the top 20 Athletes among 200 participants. This is the turning point for my career where I exposed my capabilities in front of the world. I also participated in Muscle Mania India Men’s Physique 2015 and Jerai classic Men’s physique in 2016. I gained experience in modeling as well, recently did a campaign shoot for the famous brand WOODLAND.

My Message…

How tough and how hard the situations are. It doesn’t matter for the Champions. The only thing which matters is how your mindset and dedication can make all the differences.

– Preetinder Singh (India)

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