“The one thing I love about acting is when I get to play a new character, and I get to be a whole new person!”

You may recognize Scarlett from the film Daddy’s Home, the upcoming FOX series Lucifer, or one of her many TV commercials. From a young age, Scarlett has always had a love for performing arts and at the age of 3 she was able to land her very first national commercial.
Watch out for this young talent… she is sweet, smart and definitely has a bright future ahead of her!
What is the one thing you love about acting?

The one thing I love about acting is when I get to play a new character, and I get to be a whole new person! And when I play that character, its not a real person, so I get to choose what her personality is. Like is she happy, is she one of those people who are really dark and don’t talk that much… So I can choose and create it!

Do you find it difficult to balance your school work with acting?

Well, the thing is when I’m on set it’s not like I’m not learning at all. I have a set teacher, which makes it easier and it means I am not missing school. So I would ask my school teacher for the homework packet for that week and then I would complete it with my set teacher.

How did it feel to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, such as Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, and did you learn anything from the whole experience?

First, I was nervous and thought to myself am I going to mess up! Or if I mess up are they going to hate me! If I did something wrong would they be like ‘your not cool anymore!” But after working and really chatting to them, I got to know the inner them and then I felt more calm – like they won’t hate me if I accidentally mess up. It was just really cool being with them and it made me realise that you can really do stuff if you put your mind to it.

What I did learn from them, is that when you say a word or phrase, it doesn’t have to be normal and boring – you can say that word in different ways. So one of my lines in the movie was, ‘I hate you’. So I could say it like, ‘you know what man…I hate you’ or something like ‘I HATE YOU!’. So I can make it whatever tone I want – if I want to make it mad, or calm and funny, or mad and funny. So I learnt that I can say the same word in a bunch of different ways!

What inspires you?

When I watch the movie, Miracles from Heaven, the little girl who had surgeries – I really really believed her and it wasn’t like fake acting. I could really feel her pain and I really thought, inside, that that was true. It was based on a true story, but she made it look like it was the true story!

Your most recent role is in the hit TV series, Lucifer. How easy was it for you to play the character of Trixie and how do you manage to understand a character in order to play them?

With Trixie, when I auditioned, I create my own type of Trixie. What I choose for Trixie, is not to be like a big dark and hating character, I chose to be a happy little girl who really enjoys her feelings, not someone who hides into a corner.

So for me it’s pretty easy to play her, because she is kind of like me, but not too much like me. She is a little bit naughty, she keeps some secrets and she always finds her way to eat chocolate cake!

Do you see yourself as an actress in years to come, or do you have other dreams that you want to fulfil?

Well, in a few years I am going to try and be an actress as long as I can but I also want to be a director. So after college I am going to go to film school, and then I will start being an actor again, and then a director. Someday I would also love to make my own show, just like some people who do the both –  where they make the show and they are in the show!

A Question for the parents…
Supporting Scarlet’s talent from such a young age has enabled her to achieve her dreams, what message do you have for parents who struggle in deciding which path to set their kids on?

My advice would be to take the cues from their kids. They will kind of tell you what their passions are and the things they want to explore. Scarlett has so much fun with what she is doing because she genuinely loves it and I think that that’s the most important thing. We don’t force her to be an actor, there is no pressure on her and I think that is why she has had so much success. If you push those things on kids, they are not going to do so well. So I think it’s just listening to your child and finding the things they love and the things they are good at and then helping them go after that.


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