“The stories in my book were my life and I don’t think too many other people lived like me.”

91 year old Joseph Vitale, a former U.S. Marine, prize fighter, railroad supervisor, father of four, widower, and storyteller, now is the author of two books.
Take a read, to find out more about this very interesting man…

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You most recent book ‘What would I do as U.S president’ is one that provides a thought-provoking approach. What was the story behind putting this together for people to read?

The lives our forefathers lived to make this a great country. They believed life was more easier. They wanted a job, a home and food. All wanted a family and they all pulled together.

In my days people would shake hands – that was a contract. People helped each other. When people saw each other, they would say ‘good morning’, or ‘hello, how are you today?’ People were more proud to be part of a growing country.

The stories in my book were my life and I don’t think too many other people lived like me. I’m a proud man and I live in a country where we have lots of beautiful people. The people I worked and lived with were hard working and they always did a beautiful job. They loved their job and they wanted to protect it.

Nothing is being done to improve the country!

Looking back at historical events, we are now able to understand them much better. Being part of the U.S marine and living through world war II, what was this like for you and can you recall the environment at the time?

I entered the Marines July 31, 1943. The marines gave me food, clothing, a place to sleep and a doctor if I needed one – I was in good hands in the marines. But the real hero’s were the many women and children that kept this country working, Farming, fire stations, factories and everything else. They couldn’t get meat, sugar, gasoline, car parts and they never complained!! Just about all traveling was done by train.

The men and women that were back home and gave up their lives to keep this country running great should have gotten a medal and a holiday for their sacrifice to the war years.

Everyone had gardens, and chickens, rabbits or a cow they raised for food!

Now at the age of 91, having a life with amazing experiences and stories, what is your favorite story to tell?

I loved talking about the boy scouts in new caste, PA. I loved talking about my three sons in Niles, OH.

I loved talking about my mother and other women in the early days like the 1930’s. My mother and all the other women were slaves, all the work, cooking, washing clothes, taking care of the children and a lot lot more and no help!

I love talking Paris Island –‘Boot Camp’. In my days at Paris Island the drill sargent had a saying that went like this, “Don’t look at me boy! I don’t love you!” To this day I still laugh when I hear it. My whole life was great! My life in the railroad was the greatest. i don’t know why the USMC picked me for the California State Fair in 1951. I’m still trying to figure that out. Joe DiMaggio’s 2000 hit in 19050 and I got to meet Joe and the whole Yankee team and get all of their auographs in 1951. Keeping the raiload safe was my proud doings!

What are your views on the current political and economical climate around the world? For example recent UK referendum, crisis in Syria, global warming?

Global warming is all mother nature’s destiny. I believe, in all my 91 years, no one can judge mother nature. Every morning, I get out of bed and go outside and see the weather and I love mother nature, whether snow, rain, sunshine, cool or hot air.

The crisis overseas, like i said in my book, they would get no money or manpower. I would sell them all, the weapons cash money.

If you had a message for the world to hear, what would that be?

Exercise seven days a week!
Watch your weight!
Enjoy yourself while in good health – go dancing!
Any job you get, learn all you can about the job and do the very best you can.
Believe me you will be very proud of yourself and when you are proud of yourself you will feel good and happy.
Take care of your mother and father, they gave you life!!
For all he young boys and girls, learn self defense, swimming, play skip rope, play tennis, lots of walking, get outside and play!

– Joseph J Vitale

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  1. Frank Meyers says:

    Cool guy for sure. Wish I had him along last night in Little Italy along with you and Nerissa. As the author of Street Smart Recovery I can say Joseph J. Vitale has no shortage of street smarts in a world short of street smart people. This book will help to get you up to speed on how to live your own life.

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