“I wanted to show people that I have clean heart, but it is just this dirty world that we live in.”

For the UK rap fans, Slouds creation ‘LightSkin’ has become a well know playlist must. By mixing a great instrumental with a unique flow he has embodied the essence of the movements in underground British music. Take a read to gather an insight of his views as an artist, his experiences in the industry and his latest mixtape release, ‘Dirty World’.

“My inspiration in terms of music would be Giggs, Future, Chinx Drugs and French Montana. I know it’s a bit of a hard combination, but what I like about them is their way of grafting.

I love what is going on right now in terms of the UK rap scene. I think it has taken a little while for UK grime to stand on its own but now I can see how different genres have respected it and shown their interests. You have the likes of Section Boys working with Chris brown and Drake collaborating with Skepta – it’s great for British music.

‘Lightskin’ was the track that has been taken really well by UK fans. I heard the instrumental for that song a few times and every time I heard it I just thought of that same little part ‘Cocaína, Cocaína’. So I simply built on that and the final product was something that came easily. I never had to work really hard for that song, because the style and feel of it is almost complementary to how I am already – so in that sense it was what came naturally to me.

The biggest struggle I have faced in this industry is finding the money to fund my music. I was trying to support myself, a family and my music at the same time. I’ve seen money do a lot of things to a lot of people and I’ve realised that you should never let money get to your heart or to your head. Situations and circumstances change everyday. I believe that money should be used to better yourself as a human being. Rather than spending it on the latest clothes, spend it on entailing new skills to get yourself out of the struggle that you are in. I believe that rappers are showing you a different meaning of money, which is misconstrued.

‘Dirty World’ is the latest mixtape and it is Sloud’s diaries in terms of what has been happening, what has happened over the last couple of years and how I have survived. It’s about telling people that we can turn this grittiness into motivation. I wanted to show people that I have clean heart, but it is just this dirty world that we live in.

And finally, if you were wondering what Sloud stands for, it’s ‘smoke loud’. To really gage and understand the feel I give as an artist you’d need to smoke loud while listening…”


If you want to find out more check out his new mixtape ‘Dirty World’ here and follow Sloud on twitter @S1loud to keep up with his latest feeds!




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