“Sometimes your enemy is not the people around you. It is you discouraging yourself and stopping yourself from reaching your full potential.”

My story …

When I was 15 years old I left my country, family, and friends in the search of the American Dream. Sometimes you have to leave everything behind to go after your dreams even if it means going through pain, discouragement, and so many obstacles that life will test you with.

I was born and raised in El Salvador and I currently live in New Jersey. I learned at a very young age that if you want something you will have to get out the comfort zone. Although, in the comfort zone you might be around the people you love, but achieving your goals require a sacrifice. It is very difficult when you love your country, but the resources to succeed are very limited; so you have to immigrate.

Moving to the U.S. was a life changing decision. It was a country with a different culture and a different language. I remember my freshmen year of high school; I was literally asking myself “what the hell did I get myself into?” honestly I broke into tears a lot of times when I was not able to communicate with people. I couldn’t speak any English; people looked down on me for being an immigrant.  Freshmen and sophomore year, I got bully a lot from the other kids for being Hispanic and for having a strong accent. Learning English and having to deal with my other regular classes was a real tough challenge because while everyone else had to deal with math and science; I was dealing with math and science, but in a totally different language than mine. To master a new skill it requires a lot of practice. I was doing my best effort to learn the language, but when I was trying to communicate with other people, some did correct me if I mispronounced a word; but others would just start laughing and that really discouraged me. I remember that sometimes teachers would ask a question and I knew the answer, but I couldn’t put it into words because I was afraid of mispronouncing it. My mistake was that I convinced myself that I was not capable. My thoughts became so negative and it was like a poison that was slowly destroying my life; I became my biggest enemy. My grades were always very low not because I wasn’t intelligent, but because I persuaded myself that I wasn’t smart enough. I talked myself out of so many opportunities, just because I thought I wasn’t capable.  Until my junior year, I met a high school teacher that started planting seeds in my mind; she believed in me. She encouraged me to read books and pushed myself to become better. Two years later after graduating high school, after reading a lot of books, and hours of self-development videos not only I improved my English, but my life had huge change. Mindset is key and as Zig Ziglar said “you could be the very best, but if you don’t see yourself as a winner, you are not going to perform as a winner.” However, sometimes it takes someone to believe in you, for you to start believing in yourself.

While I was working on myself I had a huge mindset switched and also discover my passion. I realized that I really enjoy motivating people and helping others succeed. So, in May 2016 I launched the Instagram page @Carpediemnquotes to motivate and inspire people daily. In 5 months we had become a community of about twenty-two thousands people and growing very quick. “Carpe Diem” comes from Latin and means seize the day or make the most out of the present moment. My page is for anyone who needs motivation and enjoy reading quotes of life. This page reaches thousands of people daily and that is something that makes me really happy because I know that I am able to make a change in someone’s life.

My message is…

Mindset is a really powerful thing. If you keep feeding your mind with negative thoughts you will have a miserable life. Sometimes the enemy is not even the people around you. It is you discouraging yourself and creating limits that only exist in your mind. Change you mindset and your life will change.

-Erick Argueta

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