“No matter where you come from or what your background is, if you put your mind to something and you work hard to get it then you will succeed.”

My Story…

Hello all, my name is Tyler Fayose and I’m a British Actor.

So I’m from a place called Bow in East London, grew up there till the age of 14 with my mother, step dad and little sister, I then lived in Edgware with my dad and other siblings for a few years within that time. My mum then moved to out of London close to a little village near Peterborough and although I didn’t want to leave London in year 10, whilst at school in Edgware, I happened to be expelled for being a not the worst child in the world but indeed a very cheeky and naughty one, I then had no choice but to go and experience country side life.

Up to this point my dream was always to be a sprinter for Great Britain as I was a 100 & 200m runner having ran for clubs such as Shaftesbury Barnet Harries and Tower Hamlets. After finishing school in 2003 and starting 6th form I decided to do sports science since I thought it was going to be about playing football and running. I was totally wrong, so after a few months I packed it in and then decided what I wanted to do next.

Whilst I was still competing, having ran a personal best of 10.8 seconds, I had also experienced some injury and knew slightly that I couldn’t fully rely on a career in running, and plus I had to be a lot faster then I already was. I then decided that I wanted to go to college and study either acting or media studies. Although I hadn’t done any acting before apart from some school plays, I was always a bit of a class clown and was very confident so I guess it was destined to be. I got accepted at Peterborough Regional College on the BTEC National Diploma in Acting course which was for two years. I loved that course and after doing my first proper show in front of an audience of about 1000, in the musical ‘Guys and Dolls’ in which I played ‘Big Jule’ I will never forget the moment at the end of the show when we were doing our curtain calls, the feeling I felt of all those people in the audience clapping and cheering for me, and that felt so amazing that from that very moment, I knew that this is what I wanted to do in my life and have never looked back since.

I then went on to audition for drama schools, I didn’t get in the first year round but that didn’t stop me auditioning the following year and I got accepted to Italia Conti Acting Academy. So off I went back to London and studied there for 3 years. My 3rd year was a bit controversial I must admit but thats another story, but after my first 3rd year show I managed to have meetings with around 8-9 agents and I choose who I wanted to sign with. That was in November 2010 and I am still with the same agent now.

Since then I have been working hard to get to where I want to be, and although its such a long journey I still have ahead of me I have to remind myself of the amazing journey I’ve had so far having performed in a number of theatres in London including The Globe, having guest starred in the longest running emergency medical television drama series in the world, having been in a Hollywood film working alongside the likes of Tom Cruise & Alec Baldwin, (even though my scene didn’t make the final edit). But all these experiences are all part of my journey, I haven’t made it, I’m nowhere near but what I tell anyone that wants to be an actor is, it really is a long ass road and if you wanna get on that road, one you gotta know how to drive and two you have to be thick skinned and know that you are gonna get knock back after knock back, you just gotta keep on getting back up and going again.

My Message…

No matter where you come from or what your background is, if you put your mind to something and you work hard to get it then you will succeed.

My life has been up, down, inside and out but luckily with faith in God and good people around me I am on the right track.

My mantra is ‘Building Everyday’ and that basically means that if I take one small step each day in the direction I want to go, then one day I will get there. And a quote from myself is “Never forget your path it will guide your journey”.

– Tyler Fayose

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