“We grow through life, we shed away layers of fear, doubt and conformity; and gain powers like wisdom, faith and individuality.”

My Story…

My name is Abriella Milazzo and this is the story of Her Wandering Spirit.

A little over a year ago I found myself coming to some profound realizations. With legs crossed, I made myself comfortable on a bridge near my house. I could hear the loud crash of the waves and the smell of the salty air. The sky was filled with bright orange, yellow and pink with a contrast of heavy dark gray clouds. Like it was yesterday, I remember a flock of birds made their way towards the sunset; I sat there in complete serenity. This is what it meant to be alive. With quiet inhales and steady exhales, I remained still, my eyes now closed. It was as though all the chaos in my life had suddenly fizzled out and each individual aspect had shown itself, in wholeness, explaining why it had needed to be there in the first place. What at first was a moment of complete tranquility had quickly transitioned into a powerful force of energy within me. I had never felt anything quite like it before. An indescribable feeling. Just know that this moment forever changed my life. My once steady breaths had turned into heavy gasps and tears began rolling down my face. I couldn’t control them. I didn’t want to. And it was then at that moment, that I knew something grand had happened. A message from up above. I wasn’t sure if the people around me had acknowledged what was going on. I didn’t care. The tears now a blanket over my ankles; an epiphany and a key to understanding the bigger picture. Twenty-three years of searching had come to an end. Or should I say was a new beginning. On October 2, 2015, I had discovered my true purpose and since then I have never looked back. My goal is to keep making progress towards my dreams and passions. And settle for nothing less than that.

Just recently, I packed up all of my belongings and put them into my car. I have moved across country and am ready to begin new. This is my life and I am in control. Everything of my past has led me here. As we grow through life, we shed away layers of fear, doubt and conformity; and gain powers like wisdom, faith and individuality. And it is when we choose to break away from living for our ego, that we become confident with our inner-compass, our spirit, and allow that to guide us forward. Closer to our heart’s calling and our life’s true purpose.

A man by the name of Oscar Wilde once said “To live is rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” My goal is to experience what it truly means to “be human”. Embracing the joys in the simplest of things and making the connections between man AND nature. After all, we are connected and we must learn to coexist. I have found that these discoveries help us gain the wisdom we need to keep moving forward. To help others, to help ourselves and to truly love the phenomenon of us (humans) being here in the first place. It is my job to share with you the stories of “Her Wandering Spirit”.

Embrace change, you need it to propel forward. Stay true to you and know that you are never alone. We are all human and we are all trying to figure it out. One day at a time. But remember as long as you are taking steps forward, well, then I assure you, you are moving in the right direction.


Her Wandering Spirit ( Abriella Milazzo )

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