“I discovered that a true understanding of ourselves cannot be found somewhere else; not from anything external, but must be discovered and realized from within.”

My Story…

I was born a performer. Ever since I can remember, I have loved acting, reenacting, portraying, presenting, imitating, going on stage, speaking to a camera, communicating to an audience, and simply having fun. There was just something about the feeling I got when I entertained people that made me feel alive and whole, and like I was doing what I was meant to do. I attended an excellent fine arts High School, where I learned the finer details of acting, and then later I spent some time in New York City training with more seasoned actors. Although these experiences taught me so much about the industry and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities, it wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver British Columbia that I really started to feel a true sense of myself and what that meant in relation to me as an actor and creator. 

Up until that point in my life, I knew I loved acting, but I never really had a very strong sense of who I was. When I moved to the west coast of Canada, all of that changed. I became obsessed with eastern spiritually and I started exploring new ways of thinking. I started questioning the nature of reality and myself, with a sincere and genuine desire to truly understand it in all it’s significance. The more I explored these ideas, the stronger sense of who I was became clear to me. I discovered that a true understanding of ourselves cannot be found somewhere else; not from anything external, but must be discovered and realized from within. It was amazing to me that as my sense of self become more clear, so did my work as an artist. Something shifted inside of me and I stopped caring so much about what others thought, and I was able to more clearly express myself as an artist and as an actor/creator. I am now acting and creating every and any chance I get. I have a YouTube page that I’m proud of, where I create videos and content with the hopes of bringing joy and inspiring others in whatever form; sometimes it’s a feel good video, sometimes it’s a humorous illustration of the absurdities of life, sometimes it’s shining a light on the goodness in people. I also have an Instagram page with the same purpose and aim. I create varied content with the hopes of making people happy and inspiring them to be better versions of themselves. I am also still acting and auditioning regularly, waiting for that next inspiring role. My story is most definitely still being written, but I can say that the main character of this story is learning more and more about himself every day. And the more he learns the more he will share that part of himself with the world. He will continue to audition for various roles, and he will continue to create as much content as he can for an audience who he so much values and appreciates, with the hope of inspiring himself and others. In doing so, he hopes to have a positive effect on himself and the world around him. It’s all anyone can hope to do.

My Message…

There is no right or wrong way to do things. Just a need to do. As cliche as it sounds, I hope people always follow their heart. Deep down, at the core of us all, lay our desires and dreams which should be realized and fulfilled. We can live the dream if we consciously move towards it. I believe we are all capable of achieving great things; truly great things. We shouldn’t be afraid to aggressively pursue those dreams. We should never doubt ourselves; we should never second guess what we ultimately know is authentic. Doubt will not serve any of us on this journey we call life. We need to be strong, be disciplined, be real. We need to forget about what others think of us. Deep down in our heart of hearts we know what we want, so we need to fearlessly go after it and not settle for anything less. Picture the perfect version of yourself, and ask…what sort of things does he or she do? Make a mental list, write it down, and then just start doing those things. If you do, you will be that much closer to being that person. I seek to live from this same place – I want to lead by example, and by doing so, inspire others to follow their passions and dreams. Let’s all live up to our full potential and live the lives we were meant to live. The time is now, so no more excuses. Just do it!

– Mark Zeifman

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