“A mans quest for self mastery is a dynamic process that never stops and you must get what’s yours through extreme focus and effort.”

My Story…

I am Federico. And I have been an athlete all my life with the highlight of my career being playing soccer as a pro in Italy. I moved to LA in 2007 to pursue my undergraduate and graduate education in Business Management and I’m very thankful for everything that has happened ever since.

What started off as a solo academic journey has been evolving into something more…An opportunity to combine my passion for an healthy lifestyle, fitness and performance training with my entrepreneurial spirit, working with some great and driven people while implementing precious leadership teachings and business lessons acquired in my college years. I worked hard and pushed myself to complete my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business & Management, both with honors, in a city I had never been before, no friends, and little knowledge of the language…

IF YOU REALLY WANT IT, YOU’LL MAKE IT HAPPEN. Go ahead friend, LIVE YOUR DREAM…Surround yourself with greatness….even better, be greatness…and celebrate every second of it!

So here I am, naming my fitness venture after my astrological sign, which so perfectly embodies my true essence and deepness, and hoping to motivate and change at least one life a day with my energy, passion, and sense of purpose.

I offer performance training concierge service, meaning anything you need to succeed in achieving your fitness goals…from motivational text check-ins, nutritional tips, home workouts, inspiring videos, and much more. I also teach fun, intense, high-energy full body fitness classes as part of my new video Motivational Performance Fitness program: StingFit, a kickass workout that’s good to the body, soul, and eye.

My Message…

You must live and breathe your passion, push and motivate yourself and others around you to find your WHY. And always striving to get that one extra rep in with a “nothing’s impossible” type of attitude. It will bring out the best in you and empower you to go the extra mile, showing you the path to a healthier lifestyle and a new super fit and motivated YOU. Hopefully, through my passion, dedication and commitment to my craft, I am able to inspire people, motivate them, and impact their lives in a positive way, even for a brief second.

– Federico Cancello

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