“I want to show that music is colourless and be as real as I can in my music.”

The emergence of grime music began in the 2000s,  developing from UK garage and originating from East London with the likes of Skepta, Wiley, Kano, Dizzle Rascal, and many others.
Today, with different styles and sounds, grime is upcoming throughout the country and is being recognised mainstream as well as continuing to build its huge underground audience.

A young artist from North West London, Clich-A, is appearing into the scene and aims push the gap in the industry when it comes to Asian artists. And here he is, to talk more about his experience with music and why he makes it…

“I was always interested in rap music, it was more American Hip-Hop/Rap at first. But it was around age of 10, was when I was started getting into grime. My friends brother had a home studio (stereo with a mic connected with audacity) and this is where we would hang out, listening to music and try rapping. At first, I would just be free-styling with mates.

I then met Sangeet (who is now my engineer) and decided to put together a couple of tunes with music videos that we could post out there. We just wanted to see what response would be… but we realised that people were actually feeling it!

I’m want to show that music is colourless and be as real as I can in my music, I feel that the youth today are mislead and care too much about social status and I think music affects that a lot. People see rappers and sportsman wearing £1000 shoes and then feel like they need the same. I can understand where they are coming from, and it’s fair enough as it’s inspiration. But when they get involved with the other side of the law for the purpose of buying designer, it’s not right. Instead they could be saving for a business, or using their potential to create something.

When it comes to my inspiration in terms of music, I couldn’t pin point a particular artist as I get inspired everyday by different artists. But Stormzy is a big inspiration for me. I was a fan from early and saw how he progressed to the level of success that he is at now -without changing.

I feel my lyrics are relatable and that’s what I like; I’m just a normal guy using music as expression in a way people can understand. I’ve been writing loads just trying to find my sound, and in 2017 I’m aiming to be more consistent with releases and have a project ready to release. I’m still young, and I don’t really know what exactly I want to do for the rest of my life but all I know it’ll definitely be different. I’d like to have my hands in many different pies!”

– Clich-A

To find out more about his music, follow him on Instagram and Twitter @clich_a and click here to check out his SoundCloud!

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