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With almost reaching a following base of 1.5 million, the well known Instagram account Secrets2Success are definitely doing what their name intended! By providing daily inspiration and motivation to its reader, they continue to fuel the minds of many including  P.Diddy, LL Cool J, Tai Lopez, and 2 Chains being a few of the names who like and share S2S content.
A few years ago, Taif Haidar was a typical student studying at college whilst working at his uncle’s liquor store. Focusing on his exams as his mum wished, meant getting fired from his uncles shop! But he used this opportunity to invest in himself and used this time to create a business all from his phone.
Recently launching their first e-book on how they gained 1 million followers and earned $100,000, ’17 Secrets 2 Instagram Success’ is now available to download and lets you in on some tips and tricks in making the most out of your Instagram account.
Taif Haidar, aged 25, the founder and owner of Secret2Success, gives us some answers into why he started the concept, his own thoughts on success, and his vision for the future of the Brand.


Where did the idea of inspiring others come from?

From not being happy with where I was in my life, and realising more and more that finishing college will not necessary give me the lifestyle and freedom that I want.

Studying international business, and knowing that college was not the path for you. What was the one thing you learnt from the whole college experience?

I learned that college is important, if you choose the right study…

Your first eBook, 17 Secrets 2 Instagram success, is now available and gives an insight into how S2S grew to 1 million followers and earned over $100,000. When starting S2S, was there an inkling that it would one day become this successful?
When starting S2S I made one promise to my self, to make this a huge success otherwise the name it self “Secrets2Success” wouldn’t make sense. But I wasn’t really ever imaging to get to over 1 million followers ever!


What would you say is the most important secret to success?

Persistence, and loving/liking what you do.

Clearly, social media and the internet has allowed us to explore new realms that were previously non-existent. What are your thoughts on the power of the online world and it’s impact?

The online world opened a lot of opportunities for a lot of people with talents and dreams. I personally believe it’s one of the greatest phenomena of this generation.


When creating the content and posts, where does the inspiration behind these come from?
I allow myself to be inspired by a lot of different content, through different channels, when inspired, I pick the content that personally inspires me the most and share that.
How did it feel when you had only 25k followers and P.Diddy started following you?

Very exciting of course! It was one of those moments that I jumped out of happiness to tell my family, and I still can remember that moment like it was yesterday! Because I was just 6 months in the game, and now someone as big as him, #1 HipHop earner today, following me, made me realize how small the world really is.

S2S was created over two years ago and continues to grow. But were there any challenges faced along the way?

Yes, I would lie if I would say there weren’t any. And we still see challenges ahead, like what is the best way to inspire people, and how to expand next?

If you had one message to give to the world, what would it be?

Invest in yourself. Educate yourself. And have an open mind towards new things.

And finally, what would you like to see in the next 5 years in terms of the future of S2S?
When someone is mentioning motivation or inspiration, S2S should pop up in there head as the top brand.

To find out more and to download their insightful e-book, visit And to feed your thoughts with daily inspiration follow @secrets2success on Instagram!

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