“Now that I’ve started my journey of self-development, I know the journey will never end, but for sure it will be the best journey I’ll ever travel.”

I’ve always been the type of person that puts everyone before myself. I’d try and do as much as I could in order to help others –  even if it’s just to put a smile on them. But as I’ve always done this, I’ve had to let myself go. I never really put that energy into me. I didn’t even feel as if I needed to.

Growing up, I was always in and out of anger management classes throughout school and the start of college. In my final year of university I went through some major losses and got forced back into these classes, by family members and friends because they all felt as if I needed it, due to the way I starting acting and reacting to situations. I stuck with it for about 5-6 weeks, but I knew I didn’t need to be there and found that it wasn’t for me.

The real change in me came when I decided to leave these anger management classes and start focusing on my own development. I started reading books and articles on topics I thought may be relevant, such as ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’, ‘Self-Confidence’ and ‘The Power of your Subconscious Mind’. And I even started training again. Taking full control and focusing on my own self-development was the best investment I’ve ever made. Now that I’ve started my journey of self-development, I know the journey will never end, but for sure it will be the best journey I’ll ever travel.

Going through the mental struggle of losing my best friend and having to start anger management again destroyed my self-esteem and level of confidence. I wasn’t happy at all. But I gained the knowledge that I needed and most importantly I was implementing and executing on the knowledge that I was gaining. I started to understand the power of my thoughts, and the effect these thoughts and internal conversations had on me. Once I understood that, my journey began!  I started to become more aware of the thoughts I was having, and as soon as I had a negative thought I’d distract myself with something else or simply just think about something or someone that made me happy.

The best way anyone can overcome self-confidence issues and increase their level of confidence, is understanding that you don’t need to seek validation from no one.  You need to accept who you are. All your flaws and all your insecurities. Once you accept that, it is your flaws and insecurities that makes you beautiful and is what makes you, you, you’ll start to become content with yourself and you’ll start heading in the right direction. I honestly believe that self-rejection is one of the biggest confidence killers. You’ll always find or come across people that don’t like you, or talk negatively about you. So you don’t need to do it to yourself.

My vision with my youtube channel was basically to share my journey to success. All over youtube, you’ll find channels to do with entrepreneurship and setting up your own business, but these channels are set up by entrepreneurs that are already successful, running multi million pound/dollar companies eg Gary Vaynerchuck, Tai Lopez etc.. I’m doing the exact opposite. I’m trying to show people that I’m just a regular guy, that has nothing but a vision and a goal of where I want to be. So me starting youtube was more like, let me tell you guys what I want to do and be… now ‘Watch me do it!’ Because I will do it and I will get there. And by me sharing my journey and the process I’m going through to get there, if that inspires or helps someone, that’ll be amazing.

I wanted to be as honest as possible when sharing my journey, so that’s why I mentioned me starting this is completely out of my comfort zone and that I’ve had issues with self-confidence – because I’m no longer ashamed of it! But I’ve got to admit, it was scary posting my first video, because once it was posted, I knew there was no going back, and I’d have to stick with it, so I just posted it as quick as possible. I knew it’ll all lead to me growing as an individual and will help me get to where I want to be, mentally. Plus, if it happens to help or inspire someone on the way, it’s a bonus, a win win situation.

For me I think my motivation comes from my life experience and everyone around me. What keeps me driven is my parents. Growing up we’ve never really had much, but my parents always made sure we had enough. I’ve seen my parents struggle their entire life, migrating from India to the UK, leaving their whole families behind, to build a better life for us, as their children.  Now that I’m in older, it’s my turn to pay it all back and more and I will for sure, it’s just a matter of time. I’ve promised my parents that the struggle won’t last forever and I don’t break promises! That’s what motivates me, and gives me the drive to take chances, risks and step out my comfort zone.  Also, I’m having fun with it all, I’m working on a venture that’s combined all my passions into one business. So even though, it can get overwhelming at times, it’s easy for me, because it doesn’t feel like work.

But to wrap it all up, to anyone that has a vision or a goal that they want to achieve, there’s nothing to it, but to do it. Understand that you are the only person that can make your visions manifest. You will struggle, and you must step out your comfort zone to do it. But once you do, you’ll start noticing a huge change within you, and everything that you are trying to obtain, will start falling into place. Have full belief and faith in the process but most importantly embrace and enjoy it all.

-Kam Virk

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  1. Julian says:

    This is great! After watching the videos, your journey made so much sense. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Jay Dhillon says:

    Yo this is inspiring. Watch your vision become a reality – Keep at it mate!

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