“I had to connect to what sits behind the words in order to tune into it and allow my own words to surface.”

When I was 5 year of age, I was unconsciously made aware of a state of being that is inside of us all. In this state, everything is effortless. There is no winning or losing, there is no right or wrong, these things don’t matter, because they don’t even come to mind.  I was completely merged with the actions of whatever I was doing, losing track of time, yet so deeply focused on what I was doing.  I had no inner critic pressing this opinion towards my attention. My whole being pulsed in unity with the environment of what I was doing.  But of course, in that moment, none of these words came to mind. These only became visible on reflection.

There was this deep connection to this state which I thought that everyone was aware of. To me, it was as clear as day. But it was only when I “fell asleep” that I knew that not everyone had this connection, this awareness of this state of being.

Secondary School was tricky to say the least. I couldn’t figure out how people could study for 20mins and be able to remember it all.  I couldn’t read at the speed of my neighbors. And the more I tried to fit in with all of this, the further I got from that state of being.  I quickly learnt, that I didn’t learn the way school was teaching me and that I didn’t learn like everyone else.

For me everything has a feeling.  The feeling of understanding has a sense of calmness, lightness, but yet a disciplinary focus to it.  Not understanding has a sense of heaviness, frustration, and blurriness.  I find myself trying to express with this distant language of words.  But yet, to understand what I’m saying you must look past this babel.

Reciting words spoken from someone else wasn’t a way of learning for me, I had to connect to what sits behind the words in order to tune into it and allow my own words to surface. This is how I learnt to learn.

I do this by connecting to the feeling, the sense, and the energy of the lesson to be learnt. I feel my way into the flow of the task.

Throughout my life I ´ve been drawn towards physical challenges that the purpose was not to challenge someone else. I did them to challenge myself to remain In the Flow.  I trained to be a Stunt Performer, Martial Artist and fought in the MMA, all with inner battles of how to remain in Flow during extreme pressure.  Many painful physical, mental and emotional lessons were learnt on this way to find Flow.

I now teach anyone who has the hunger to excel in their field of excellence. Whether this is a sport, a skill or a profession, it doesn’t matter because the aim is the same, to achieve your optimal level of performance. I teach this by hacking you into this state, and then to train in it. The more familiar you are with this optimal state, the easier and more accessible it is.

This State is Called The Flow State and I can show you how to hack into it whenever you want.

 – C Wilson Meloncelli


To find out more about C Wilson Meloncelli, his work and how he hack the Flow State, check out https://www.cwilsonmeloncelli.com/

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