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When it comes to Asian fashion, BIBI London are at the top of their game. They showcase the most sought after designers from Sabyasachi to Shyamal & Bhumika in their stunning boutique located in Essex. By shopping at BIBI London you are now able to access the same clothing and designers as leading Bollywood ladies such as Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty and Priyanka Chopra  just to name but a few!
Not only offering a place to shop around, they offer an entire experience, whether you are after bridalwear or formalwear.  The fashion house is constantly gracing the pages of Asiana and all of the couture catwalks.
We managed to catch the founder, Marni Kaur, for a quick chat. So take a read to get an exclusive insight into the world of BIBI London…

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Coming from a family who loved their fashion and style, the idea of starting your own business came about because of your own interest in the industry as well as being able to see the gap in the UK market. Can you remember how the inital idea came about?

Yes I can remember! I had been shopping somewhere and I wanted to buy a designer piece. The place I visited had very  limited choice and they were so rude and snobby I thought to myself… there must be lots of people just like me who want to buy something nice and have fun doing it. So I started to put together my initial plan.

What about the name BIBI London ?

It had to be universal and ‘BIBI’ meant woman in all Asian languages.

Seeing how successful BIBI London has become today, clearly a lot of work, time and effort has gone into building the brand. But what makes BIBI London stand out from other Asian couture brands in the UK and Europe?

The brand is known for its customer service as well as great products. I feel that we should be creating an experience, so when a client comes to us they have fun, feel great and go away with something that makes them feel amazing.

I still serve a client the way I would want to be served. It’s important to me to make someone go away and recommend us, and it shouldn’t matter if that person buys from us or not – as long as they enjoyed BIBI london I have achieved my goal.


What would you say is the secret is to your success?

I think my secret is the sheer passion for what I do, I love my heritage, I love Indian fashion, and I love people. I feel when I am finding a piece for someone I do it with all of that in my heart and mind, and a client can see that.

Simply putting a smile on someone’s face be it a bride, the mother of a bride or a girl who is going to an event and wants to feel her best – it’s very touching.

Which type clients do you enjoy styling the most and why?

That’s difficult!  It depends on the time of year. We have lots of brides September to March, and we spend time with these girls and their families and it’s an honour that they have chosen us to be a part of their day. When we deliver their piece and you know that you won’t see them for a while it’s a little sad, as you have been through such a special time with them. So I love doing bridals for that reason.

When we do partywear or formal I can have fun be creative and experiment it’s a different experience upbeat and full of laughter and an outfit and jewellery can transform a person and give them so much confidence!

It’s just so so satisfying when you know a girl is going to turn heads!!

Having an idea of where fashion is heading and what the current trends are is very important. For a brand to be popular, upcoming trends need to be foreseen. How easy is it for you to keep up with these and use them to your advantage?

This information is so accessible to all now but it’s also about listening to customers understanding what our clients buy and want as what’s in fashion may not always be what a person would want to wear.

So at times I work with our colleagues and tweak and change things to bring fashion to everyday people.

Having recently become a mother, do you still have the same passion for you work?

Yes for sure! I really do. I am obsessed with Bibi London, and  I think if that ever changed then the brand would loose its heart.

It takes more than just clothes. It’s about the people we serve and creating magic with them.

What vision do you have for BIBI London now?

BIBI London now has a sister brand Heritage Jewels and in the future we will be launching BIBI man and BIBI kids.

We will always continue to thrive to be a fun environment where we sell amazing couture!


What advice could you give to young girls who want to start up their own business?

Do your research, and make sure that your idea is a viable one. Ask friends and family…And if you don’t go out and try it, someone else will!

And finally, if you could have an ambassador or face of the brand, who would you like that to be ideally?

That’s a difficult question as I feel one woman doesn’t represent us all. So I had to pick 3!

Firstly, Deepika Padacone, stunningly beautiful and so fashionable. Number two, Rekha because she encompasses everything a strong Indian woman should be, she shows a strength of character that is rare in our culture. And lastly, Shamila Tagore – as a child I was always mesmerised by her beauty and I still am.

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