MasterMinds is a consulting group that aims to empower, educate and enrich individuals, organisations and the communities they serve through shared wisdom. Made up of a multi-speciality team of professionals, their provision of tailored solutions gives them a strong competitive edge, which is evident in the quality of their business management consulting services and initiatives such as a pay-it-forward system.
The MasterMinds network is made up of a vast, interdisciplinary network including but not limited to: doctors, professors, consultants and entrepreneurs. All of whom are happy to share invaluable business strategy advice and ready-made business models that can be adapted to your individuals needs and goals.
Having achieved her doctorate in the Philosophy of Business, MasterMinds’ founder, Dr Amerah Ahmed continued to pursue a career in consulting; working her way up to Senior Advisor at Ernst & Young. Dr. Ahmed sat down with us to unpack what she describes as the five most formulated questions of her existence…the why, the what, the how, the who and the where.


What is the story behind Masterminds?

Whilst at Ernst & Young, which is considered to be the crème de le crème of Consulting… Boredom had finally struck me. Not because I was not challenged, nor obedient, in fact I was most exceedingly  ‘best’ practiced at what I did. I just did not feel the moral accomplishment. I felt that I was going in circles and continually banging my head on this very solid wall, which I was unable to ‘breakthrough’. With all the acquired knowledge, I knew there had to be something bigger, what if I could impact people rather than impacting procedures and profitability?

It was then I realised that organisations were all really a mixture of people, and what if I could help people to ‘do’ and ‘think’ better, not just those in organisations – but everywhere. Ambitious I know… but I’d found a purpose!

I was never one seduced by labels or rewards, and I left the organisation whilst I was at my peak. My family and colleagues thought I was arrogant to think I could do it better. I wanted to make a larger contribution to not just my world, but to others using all my knowledge and expertise that I had, as in reality that’s ‘all’ I really am.

Consulting is Consulting, you identify problems and propose  solutions and of course show all our working outs in these beautiful glossy reports we share. At MasterMinds Consulting Group…as the saying goes, ‘mind your own business’, well we take that to another extreme in the world of consulting.

We work alongside our clients/partners to really understand the challenges and formulate solutions with them. Our secret is our engagement model. We coach, lead and mentor our clients towards business success and excellence, securing a 2 fold value output.

  1. Solve problems and number 2. Evolve People.

The model developed from the interactions we had with not the executives, but the middle management and the team level. We were humbled to see how 5 minutes of your time could really impact change.

MasterMinds Consulting Group is led by a panel of experts in the field of different business disciplines but also all who are centered around Humanistic leadership.

To be a Mastermind, what does it mean?

We are all MasterMinds in our own right. Each one of us knows something that the other doesn’t. How you shine from the rest is that very ordinary piece of knowledge you have and share it with someone else… that in my book makes you an extraordinary human being.

Where does your inspiration come from?

From all walks of life really. Gandhi, King, Mother Teresa, Mandela, my mother, Father, Sister and 3 brothers who always support me in my quest,  and finally my fellow MasterMinds, who inspire me each and every single day, they for I are the heart of the business.

Their actions and purpose in life transformed the 20th century. I want to transform the 21st century through their moral Stature along with engagement with clarity & dignity. I want to paint a picture of change and encourage the courageous to join me to do this.

Whilst we cannot change the world for many… we most definitely can change the world for a few.


With the invention of the internet, we now have access to an enormous pool of knowledge and information. But do you think this resource is being used to its fullest potential, and could you comment on the power of the online world on todays society?

On August the 28th 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King was able to gather over 200’000 people for the movement of discrimination.

Fast forward to 2017…. How do you think his movement would have went with the sheer strength and spread of Social Media? Whilst our time has changed, and we all have a lot to be thankful for, we have become less serving of others but more for ourselves. We have become selfish, self-centered, self-destructive.

Social media is a tool for greatness; we at MasterMinds Consulting Group aim to enrich the lives of individuals by ‘giving’ back and encourage a movement of ‘paying it forward’.

What is the Future Vision for MasterMinds? Do you have any upcoming plans?

The vision for MasterMinds is to have a ‘MasterMinds’ Leaders in every country.

We are currently working on a knowledge & learning management platform, where you can learn and apply your knowledge to your business as you study. From the same platform, you have the opportunity to place your idea forward to a panel to make your idea come alive. Saying that, we are also a community who pay our knowledge to others in communities in a less structured manner as the learning management system.

Finally in no particular order, we are a consulting firm who cover varied organisational challenges. We provide solutions from formulation right up until implementation. What makes MasterMinds Consulting Group special to our customers is the panel of acclaimed business leaders, professors, consultants.

Strategic, Tactical & Operational Management consulting Services, as major majority in this field only provide Strategy & Tactics…. We play all fundamental pieces of the chess board, to provide a full solution. Implementation is far more important than formulation. We lead, mentor & coach the game for better output.

We help startups, support someone to pursue their dreams however pragmatically. We offer key learning modules for someone to understand the business world & thereafter use our business connections for networking & investment.

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