“When I create music I don’t think it has to be done a certain way, there’s literally no limits or rules.”

Nottingham based music artist, HEX, has entered the scene, bringing with him some well-known sounds but with his own unique execution. With a flowing style and touching on the genres of 808’s and soft strings, he has found his own niche in the UK music scene and is aiming to make it his own.

His most recent release, ‘Limitless’, which went viral on Youtube, revealed his creative visual efforts. Putting together a piece that was dark, yet still slick.

Take a read to find out more about HEX, his inspiration in terms of music, and the production behind his songs.

I’ve always loved music, from a young age. I started producing when I was about 12, this was when I got my hands on my first digital workstation, Fruity Loops. That’s where I developed my passion for music…

I’ve always loved melodies and bizarre sounds, which as you can probably hear have influenced my music. As for the inspiration in terms of music, I’ve been surrounded by artists like the Gorillaz, Coldplay, Dido, Eminem and 50 Cent, to name a few. Growing up, I used to listen to a lot of different genres. So when I create music I don’t think it has to be done a certain way, there’s literally no limits or rules.

The track ‘Limitless’, was filmed and directed by KashKam and Kidda Beats. When creating the production, visuals, and sound behind it, everything seemed to fit together and fall into place. Looking back at it now, I think it’s one of those moments when you figure everything out, you realize it all happens for a reason…

Yeah, there has been many challenges and tests but as long as you have the self-belief and you know what you have to do yourself, then I believe you have the ability to go far.

It’s exciting to see what’s going on right now in the whole music industry and the UK music scene is crazy at the moment! Especially coming from the Midlands, it’s great to see other areas around Britain being deservedly recognized for their talent. I definitely think it will keep growing – there’s too much talent for it not to.


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‘Me, Myself and I’, the name of his first song released earlier this year, set the bar for his standard. Check it out above…

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