“It’s always easy to do what you’re used to, but if you do what you’ve always done then you’re going to be who you have always been. Growth requires change.”

When it came to my inspiration in terms of dance, I guess it was just seeing music videos on TV really! For example, I used to love Neyo’s videos and artists similar to him. It just tickled my fancy and I also have a lot of friends who dance so that also inspired me. It’s something that makes me happy and creates a sense of positive energy for me. When you’re in class and learning a routine it requires all of your focus so if you have things on your mind and need an outlet. For me, it’s always the best thing.

Dance is more of a hobby at the moment, so whatever comes from it is a bonus. But working with Bane, on the Ed Sheeran – ‘Shape of You’ REMIX music video was a fun experience! Bane is a great artist and is very talented, so I’m not surprised that it did so well a sits a great song and he deserves the recognition.

An important aspect of my life is my faith, the place where I get my strength… I used to go to church a little when I was around 17 but I stopped going because of work, however, I’ve always had a belief in God. Just over a year ago, someone told me about a baptism that their church was doing and something told me to just do it, so I did. Since then my relationship with God has been the foundation and center of my life, I’ve gained so much strength that I wasn’t able to give myself.

I’m constantly changing for the better and although I’m not perfect I’m becoming stronger, wiser, more motivated and happier. I have a peace within myself that nothing can take from me and the only place that peace comes from is from God. It’s not just about going to church on a Sunday, its being in the word of God and practicing it throughout the rest of the week so that you become a person who is transformed by his word because of how it manifests within you due to constantly reading and meditating on it. I’ve never felt as happy, as strong or as empowered as I am now and I still have a long way to go but I love how it has changed my life.

A lot of people struggle with change, of course, it’s not easy as from a young age we’ve adopted behaviours and habits that have ultimately moulded our character and the person that we are today. It’s always easy to do what you’re used to, but if you do what you’ve always done then you’re going to be who you have always been but growth requires change! Change is a choice and it takes effort and is never going to be easy but why would you want to live your life and not be the best version of you that you can be.

In terms of my plans for the future… I will continue to dance, simply because it keeps me happy. I have recently graduated with a degree in Sociology and look forward to building my career and progress on my journey with God – bettering myself with each day that he sends.

-Fay Matt

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