The Dragon Trip

Starting off as an idea at university, The Dragon Trip has now provided unforgettable, culturally immersive and affordable tours to over 4,000 people across China and Japan. With authenticity at their core, travelers can enjoy vastly diverse experiences from Shanghai’s dazzling nightlife to camping on The Great Wall to lodging with local residents in rural Fujian.
Take a read to find out more about the company’s ethos, the idea behind it, and the exciting plans they have to offer in the future.


What is the story behind the Dragon Trip?

The original aim of the company was to create tours, particularly for those who were looking to travel towards South East Asia but were unwilling to give China a chance based on linguistic and logistical reasons. If you don’t speak Chinese, organizing a trip to China can be challenging!

The founder of the Dragon Trip, Ramsey, and I were housemates during university. It all began with the idea to set up tours for others, based on our own passion and interests in traveling to Asia. For the first couple of years, it was a pretty small organization but when we managed to sign and partner with STA travel, that was a real game changer in terms of numbers.

Today, we have four different offices in London, Shanghai, Beijing and one in Boston. We are also excited to be opening our Japan office very soon! Although we’ve had successful expansions over the years, the ethos of the company remains the same. There is still a big emphasis on providing high quality itineraries, good prices, safe guides and real experiences.


What is one of the most misconceptions about China?

It’s the lack of the wider perception that I think is the main reason people have a misconception about China. One of the most common view is that China is not beautiful. Not being close to the sea, sometimes makes many think that much of China is the same and dull. People can underestimate the sheer variety of China and how much natural beauty there is and how many amazing experiences you can have there.

What is it about traveling that makes you so passionate about sharing the same experience with others?

For us, we think travelling is genuinely one of the most eye opening things that you can do. It broadens your mindset and can change your perspective on everything. It’s easy to live in the bubble of your day-to-day lifestyles, so the more you travel, the more you realise that there is so much out there and the small problems you are faced with suddenly can feel less important.

It’s ultimately all about the authentic and exciting memories you create that will stick with you. And this is exactly what the Dragon Trips tries to capture and offer to its travellers. For Ramsey, who originally worked on starting up the Dragon Trip, it’s very rewarding!

What are the thoughts from locals who accommodate to new travelers?

I think locals tend to have a lot of interest in other cultures and their curiosity in meeting new people is something that we hear a lot of feedback from. The trip is filled with opportunities to communicate and connect with locals to understand their way of life.

Any plans for the future?

We have some exciting plans coming up! We are launching a new trip in South East Asia and looking to expand more into the states, with our new Boston office. We are also planning a new adventure in Japan, which will hopefully be an exciting success.

We are confident these new ventures will continue to grow the company, but also not lose sight of the core ethos of providing amazing experiences for young people.

Check out their website The Dragon Trip to discover more about their amazing tours and what else they have to offer!

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