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BkChat London was born when an ordinary group of friends decided to share their unfiltered opinions on a range of everyday topics. The team couldn’t have imagined the overnight sensation they would become, with thousands of viewers not only tuning into but also getting involved in the feisty banter. We spoke to Andy Amadi, the creator, to get the BkChat London’s back story.


The idea came about with a group of friends deciding to record their conversations. But for those who have never seen the show, what is BkChat London all about?

We decided to make a YouTube channel about real people expressing their personal thoughts and opinions on a variety of conversation topics. You’ll see a lot of agreement, laughter and challenging which occasionally spills into heated arguments!

So, it’s simply about us talking to each other and what perhaps make it more entertaining, is that we talk back at each other. That’s the reason it’s called BkChat London and also because it’s based in London and we liked the sound of ‘BkChat’ being derived from casual text lingo.

What was the inspiration behind creating BkChat London?

Bkchat fills a void in reality TV in the UK. There is nothing quite like the show and to be honest there has been a trend that’s started. To have something that is original, authentic and home-grown, is part of the inspiration behind what makes BkChat the show that it is today.

What’s the best thing about being a part of the BkChat team?

We definitely are a family, which is what makes the whole experience great. It’s laughs, fun, play and annoying each other.

Having the chance to work on new projects together is very exciting, seeing it all grow, as a team, rather than as individuals is particularly special. The positivity amongst us also makes it a good environment to be in.


Based on the popularity of the show, what have you guys learned?

In terms of the power of the internet, it does have its obvious negatives and positives. But for us in particular, it showed us that we can have a real sense of interaction with our viewers and it’s been so crazy to see how far it’s taken us.

Especially based on the popularity of the show on social media, to have that much of an influence on the generation is quite moving. And it’s great to recognise the feedback from our viewers, who regularly ask us questions based on topics they’ve watched on the show.

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A message to all your viewers?

Sit back, stay tuned, and simply watch what is about to happen!

Also, a big thank you to all our viewers for their support along the way – for making the show so popular and successful.

And finally, any exciting plans for the future?

We are planning to take the show to different regions and definitely reaching to expand the brand! So keep an eye out and expect to see us around the UK, Europe and even further overseas!

Check out BkChat London’s YouTube channel for more episodes

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