Bringing you the world’s most generous community of photographers, Unsplash have created a brand that acknowledges the collective power of photography. Over 3 photos are downloaded a second from Unsplash as it’s become a source of inspiration to award-winning writers such Deepak Chopra and industry-titans such as Apple.
Starting as a Tumblr blog with ten leftover images from a photoshoot, Unsplash have now expanded to over 20 million creators from people all over the world.
With their increasing usage on global stages, you’ve probably already seen a photo from Unsplash, you just didn’t know it!
What would you say have been the key drivers into reaching this level of success in only a time span of 3 years?

We’re strong believers in democratising creativity and a big part of this has been building something that is open and accessible for anyone from day 1. A lot has changed since we started out but one of the things that hasn’t changed is the fact that we still are utterly dedicated to being the number one place to go for exceptional photography that is free. What I think has seen Unsplash be so successful is the community of contributors that recognise this fact and support it by uploading more brilliant photos every minute.

Supporting creativity and encouraging talent to flourish, Unsplash aims to create a representation of the worldwide community – can you elaborate on the importance of such an attitude in today’s society?

Unsplash photos have not only helped designers and entrepreneurs create demos and websites but have been a source of inspiration for everyone from teachers to nonprofits to independent creators. This inspiration has led to creativity and creativity drives the future.
You don’t need a fancy camera to share your photography with the world any more, and you don’t need money to create and that’s opened up the whole creative community.
Connecting people, many who go to collaborate we like to think of Unsplash as an enabler in the creative process.

What is the best part of being a part of Unsplash team and what keeps the company so motivated?

Without a doubt, the community. Seeing photographers sharing their talent freely every day and creatives using those photos. A desire to promote the photographers contributing more and more, and making the experience for people downloading using the photos the best it can be is what motivates us as a team.

If you had one piece of advice to give to young people wanting to start up their own company what would it be?

If you have a solid idea don’t wait for anything – push on and try. And don’t become solely focused on one idea, be open to side projects and experimenting with new things. It’s often how people react to a product or idea that defines new directions that it may turn.

What exciting plans are there for the future? And what is your long term vision for the brand?

We’re currently working on a number of things, but personally these are the most exciting coming-soons:

1. Launch of a full Unsplash app

2. The Unsplash Awards – celebrating the community

Check out their website Unsplash to see the vast collection of photos from professionals and amateurs alike!

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