Humour let’s me be a more optimistic person and counteracts my anxious thoughts with positive ones…

The 2020 global lockdown has tuned in with social media followers everywhere and online videos have been creating a craze of exciting content on more platforms. Focusing on the perks of acting, comedy, and sharing positivity through her quick & witty humour,  27 year old Maryam from Stoke on Trent is planning to build an authentic following network from scratch. Featured last week on one of the biggest UK meme pages (@itsallmaad) was when the moment started!  Take a read of Maryam’s feature below to get to know more…

I am Maryam and humour is something I use as a stress reliever.

I have a lot of adrenaline and I’m generally an anxious person. Humour let’s me be a more optimistic person and counteracts my anxious thoughts with positive ones – this comes across as charming to others I guess…

I currently study psychology, I’ve seen so many individuals suffering from depression or mental health issues and I don’t like it. I like to turn people’s frowns upside down.

What a horrific time to be living in – we’re all suffering a global pandemic but it’s never been so easy to share or connect with everyone even with the social distancing measures. Social media is something that I’ve always been interested in and there was a time in my life when it would affect me so I would deactivate and take a breather. But it no longer affects me anymore. I am hoping the lockdown changes us for the better!

So I post whatever I feel like sharing on the day and it turns out people are engaged with that! My first video went viral, spotted on a shoutout page with over 2 million followers and this led to a new 1,000+ followers on my page overnight! I was hesitant to move my page from private to public, but I realised once my page was public I gained genuine followers rather than those who simply wanted to follow me on private and unfollow once they’d done their nosing around.

My ambition is to create counsel sessions through my page, to have 1-1 conversations to help others feel lifted and loved. There are different forms of treatment in psychology sometimes a talk therapy can help.. and you heal. But sometimes a patient will NEED medication and for this it’s important the right information is shared.

The message I’d share to the world is to be kind. Spread love. Think of how your negativity can impact others.

A Conversation with my younger self is don’t worry life isn’t all that bad, you’re gonna grown old, enjoy your journey!

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