“Life will always be filled with problems, but that’s good because it motivates your mind and body to solve them!”

I’ll write to you about something that made a big difference in my thinking and it might even help you today…

When I was at college I had a professor from Europe and one day we were sitting, just us both.  He looked at me and said “do you know students are far more intelligent than us professors and teachers?”

I said, “that can’t be right, how can you be the people teaching us and we are cleverer than you!”

He then explained to me… 

“We give you a little bit of our knowledge and you convert that into wisdom which we can’t. You are the ones who become prime ministers, doctors, engineers, artists and everything else… Whilst we have the knowledge, we are going to remain as professors forever. It’s the children that learn new things, more advanced and better ways. Young people only need a little part of our knowledge to make something fantastic!”

I thought to myself  this now makes sense, teachers simply want to be a part of the development of young minds who can lead the world into a brighter future. 

It’s important to not judge someone from the edge and every person has something in them that can shine and glitter if we work on it. It’s not until someone helps to show them what they have and why they have it. 

I learnt from my father, that he thought simply about nature to understand his life… He would sit on the swings outside or cut the roses in the garden to really change his mood into the happiness that he wanted to enjoy, not everybody else. Sometimes we fail to make our lives interesting and joyful because we try to involve everybody else. Everyone has a different mood so it’s hardly possible to get to where you want to be by convincing everyone around you. But if you’re on your own and convince yourself, you can move far head without arguments or conflicts.

People are so busy these days, if you look at the news there are worries and problems everywhere with so much noise but no peace. I like to get away from the TV and radio, meet with myself and be calm. This is when you’ll notice the mind begins to generate good things. 

Life will always be filled with problems, but that’s good because it motivates your mind and body to solve them! Only through fixing problems with better solutions can we see a more exciting and brighter future. 


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