Journals of the World is an online platform that aims to inspire readers through sharing the real stories from Earth’s people. It was created, and is still ran by,  a group of optimistic university students.

We’ve always been a curious bunch –  continuously thinking about possibilities of the future.

We began by talking to lecturers about the foundations of educational institutions, then involved other students in thought-provoking questions, and reaching out to a wider audience thanks to the internet. This led us to quickly realise that there was always something to learn from everybody we meet. 

Gaining knowledge and insight is most valuable only if you have the understanding of how to piece it together…  It soon became our mission to spark this curiosity in others, and so, the JW platform was born.

Today, with over a  hundred features published on the platform we’re grateful for the support and effort given from people who took the time to share with us a part of their journey.