“What we know for certain is just as important as our curiosity for new knowledge. The real power lies in our understanding of piecing it all together.”


The mission has always been to awaken peoples’ inner voice of questioning and to build conclusions based on truths that fit the big universal puzzle. The content posted is rare craftsmanship pieced together by students who actively use their skills of research to share information consciously and deliver a open-minded approach for readers to explore.

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Someone once asked me, ‘do you know who you are?’ It took me a minute to realise that there was deeper meaning behind what I thought was such a simple question. Many of you are probably thinking that it’s an easy question to answer. Some, will dwell over the idea from time to time, and others just haven’t come across such a thought yet.

Everyone has their own explanation to this particular question, however, it isn’t exactly a casual topic of discussion in our busy lives. After keeping a personal journal for over 10 years, and realising how it had helped my personal journey; I wanted to share this concept with others…

Although the ability to understand yourself might seem apparent enough, it is a mental battle for most, especially when our minds are constantly being exposed to people, emotions, and situations. Taking even 15 minutes of the day to have a deeper and thoughtful conversation, even if it’s with yourself, can result in huge amounts of clarity.

The idea was to bring to life peoples’ real stories and experiences onto a  platform that values expression, encourages curiosity and above all empowers inspiration .

That is the essence of Journals of the World.”

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