Someone once asked me, ‘Do you know who you are?’ It took me a minute to realise that there was deeper meaning behind what I thought was such a simple question. Many of you are probably thinking that it's an easy question to answer and can remember when you started seeing the world through you own eyes. Many dwell over the thought from time to time and accept that it is an answer they are still searching for, and others just haven’t come across such a thought yet.

Although the ability to understand yourself might seem apparent enough, it is a mental battle for many, especially when our minds are constantly being exposed to people, emotions, and situations. We all know everyone has their own explanation to this particular question, however, it isn’t exactly a casual topic of discussion in our busy lives.

After keeping a personal journal for the last 6 years, and realising how it had helped; I wanted to share this concept with others. So, the idea of bringing together peoples’ real stories and thoughts from all backgrounds on one platform came about. That is the essence of Journals of the World.

Intelligence isn't just black and white.

Most of us associate the word with an academic meaning. However, knowledge isn’t a thing that is only found in books and schools, it can be understood in a million ways and about anything. After understanding that there was something to learn from every person and situation – the knowledge and intelligence that was clear to us, once we started to see it, inspired us to share it. Always keeping in mind that the world is constantly changing, and every single individual has their unique story that only they can tell.